Marijuana Edibles – How To Make Marijuana Butter, Oil Or Milk

Most of the marijuana recipes require marijuana butter instead of normal butter. It is very easy to make and it can be used as normal butter. Another advantage is that it can also be made of marijuana leaves. Especially the small leaves close to the flowers contain a lot of resin. How to make marijuana edibles?

In order to make the THC in marijuana active it has to be heated in some way. Normally it is done by smoking it but it can also be eaten. THC resolves in fat, not in water. So it’s important to use fat if you’re cooking with marijuana. Oil, milk and butter are perfect to resolve THC and are used in many recipes. Simply replace the normal butter or oil with the prepared one.

Eating cannabis is different from smoking. In the end the effects are the same but when you smoke marijuana the effects are noticeable gradually. When eating marijuana the effects take some time to be noticeable but it comes suddenly. So try a little bit and wait some time before taking more because it might take up to 45 minutes before you feel anything… Download my free marijuana grow bible at this link for more things you can do with your off cuts

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    Marijuana butter

    3,5 oz (100 grams) of butter
    3,5 fl oz (100 ml) of water
    3,5 oz (100 grams) of grinded leaves or 0.2 ounce (5 grams) of grinded weed

    Heat the water and the butter together in a sauce pan. Add the grinded leaves or weed and stir it through the mixture. Let it simmer for 30 minutes and stir occasionally. Pour the mixture through a strainer to remove the marijuana. Put the pan in the refrigerator so the butter will solidify at the top of the water. Discard the water and your marijuana butter is ready to use for your cakes, brownies and cookies.

    Marijuana cooking oil

    3,5 fl oz (100 ml) of vegetable oil (like olive or sunflower)
    3,5 oz (100 grams) of grinded marijuana leaves or 0.2 oz (5 grams) of grinded weed

    It’s also very easy to make THC-containing oil. Add the leaves or buds to the oil and heat it up. Make sure it doesn’t get to hot otherwise the marijuana will fry. Heat it for 2 or 3 hours and stir occasionally. Let it cool and then strain the oil. It can be used for any recipe that calls for vegetable oil like mayonnaise or dressing.

    Marijuana milk or cream

    3,5 fl oz (100 ml) of milk or cream
    3,5 oz (100 grams) of grinded leaves or 0.2 oz (5 grams) of grinded weed

    Heat up the milk or cream in a sauce pan bot don’t let it boil. Add the leaves or the weed and stir it gently. Let the mixture simmer for half an hour and don’t let it boil. Stir every now and then. Put the milk through a strainer and let it cool down. Use your milk in milkshakes or ice cream.

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    Robert Bergman

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    marijuana grow bible
    • Grow With My Quick Start Guide
    • Discover Secrets To Big Yields
    • Avoid Common Grow Mistakes

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        All that happened was that you lost some potency due to the plant concentrating energy on seeds instead of trichome/THC development. Enjoy.

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      13. “In the end the effects are the same but when you smoke marijuana the effects are noticeable gradually. When eating marijuana the effects take some time to be noticeable but it comes suddenly.”
        Me thinks this is a bit backwards? When I smoke the effects are immeadiate, but when I eat it’s like gradual stairs to the top of the buzz and gradual steps down again.

      14. I think I would do some research on the male plant thing because I have read and watched youtube vids where the people swear that male plants used in cooking will work and I do agree with Robert if not careful the males could ruin your crop

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      16. Hi Hisham,

        Male marijuana plants do not contain a lot of THC and they can pollinate your females so its’s better to discard them.


      17. hello, was wondering if the male plants can be used to make the butter & cream. It seems such a waste to discard them.