Tangerine Kush Strain

One of the most interesting things about cannabis strains is the fact that their flavors can greatly vary. People who have never tried smoking pot might think that the only possible flavor this plant can offer is that of burnt leaves. However, this is clearly not the case.

Sativa/Indica %Indoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
30% / 70%14-18 oz/ m222 ounces per plant8-9 weeks indoors, Late September to early October outdoors.

Breeders have managed to cross different strains to come up with hybrids that are both potent and delicious. Simply put, the hybrid strains you find on the market today are becoming more like a bunch of personalized cannabis with qualities that are carefully selected to reflect the strengths of each parent strain.

Tangerine Kush is just one type of hybrid cannabis that embodies a well-bred strain. Let us get to know more about its most notable attributes in the information below.

Tangerine Kush is a cross between the hybrid Tangerine Haze and the Indica Rare Darkness No. 1. Rumor has it that the strain derived its name from its citrus flavor and the prominent bright orange hairs on its buds.

The strain was originally developed in California. Today, two known breeders claim to breed top quality variants of Tangerine Kush: Exotic Seeds and Rare Darkness.

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    Information about Tangerine Kush:

    ORIGINTangerine Haze and Rare Darkness No. 1
    EFFECTSRelaxed – 10
    Happy – 6
    Sleepy – 6
    Uplifted – 5
    Euphoric – 4
    Paranoid – 4
    Headache – 4
    Dry eyes – 2
    Dizzy – 1
    FRAGRANCEPungent, fruity, citrus, kush
    FLAVORSSweet, spicy, citrus, lemon, orange
    MEDICALInsomnia – 10
    Stress – 10
    Pain – 8
    Headaches – 5
    Depression – 4
    FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORSLate September to early October
    PLANT HEIGHT3 to 6 feet
    THC CONTENT %14% to 19%
    CBD %0.2% to 0.38%
    INDICA / SATIVA %70%/30%
    INDOOR YIELD14 to 18 ounces per square meter
    OUTDOOR YIELD22 ounces or more per plant
    CLIMATECooler climate
    GROWTH LEVELEasy to grow

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    Tangerine Kush can be considered as a moderately potent strain with THC levels ranging from 14% to 19%. Apparently, that amount is just enough to give users an uplifting yet relaxing experience while smoking the strain.

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    While it is mostly Indica, some users claim that the head high of Tangerine Kush is more evident than its physical high. It sure sounds ironic, considering that Tangerine Kush has an impressive 70% concentration of Indica. However, this can be due to the fact that its cerebral high can be felt strongly at the onset while its physical high is more of a creeping sensation that tends to be overlooked and underestimated.

    Tangerine Kush Effects
    Tangerine Kush Effects – Image powered by Grow-marijuana.com

    Just like any strain with a Sativa content, there is a greater chance for users to feel its head high at the onset. In this case, the cerebral effect of Tangerine Kush embodies a happy, uplifted and euphoric feeling that can be quickly felt after a few puffs. These may also be accompanied by an improved sense of focus.

    Once the Sativa effects start to settle, the physical high of Tangerine Kush slowly takes over. By this time, the user will feel a heavy relaxation due to the sedating quality of its Indica content. This can be followed by a lazy and sleepy feeling.

    Based on its potency and the strength of its cerebral and physical high, Tangerine Kush is a great night time strain for both beginners and seasoned users.


    The overall fragrance of Tangerine Kush can be simply described as that of a typical Kush strain. It has the signature earthy and citrus scent with undertones of pine. The strain also gives off an aroma that can be likened to a pungent fruit. Fans of this strain would say that the Tangerine Kush can send anyone on a delightful high just by smelling it.

    Tangerine Kush Fragrance
    Tangerine Kush Fragrance – Image powered by Medicalmarijuanastrains.com


    As expected, the Tangerine Kush also has that typical kush taste with a touch of fresh pine. Users find its smoke sweet with fruity undertones. Although the strain’s evident kush taste may be a bit strong for inexperienced smokers, this can easily be neutralized by its spicy, lemon and orange flavors.

    Adverse Reaction

    Any cannabis variety may cause some adverse reactions depending on the user’s tolerance. There are quite a number of reactions commonly observed among users. However, the severity and frequency may vary.

    Tangerine Kush Adverse Reaction
    Tangerine Kush Adverse Reaction – Image powered by Photobucket.com

    As for the Tangerine Kush, most cases of reported adverse reactions frequently involve users experiencing dry mouth and, in some cases, dry eyes. Of note too is that the strain might be too much to handle as it could cause headaches.

    Those who are predisposed to anxieties should also refrain from using the Tangerine Kush as some might experience heightened levels of paranoia.


    The CBD level of Tangerine Kush is a tad lower than the average. With only a 0.2% to 0.38%, it is certainly not the strain for people with epilepsy or seizures.

    We don’t currently sell Tangerine Kush seeds. Check out other indica dominant seeds in our marijuana seed bank.

    But what medical users appreciate about the Tangerine Kush is in using the strain for stress relief. The sedative properties of the strain induce drowsiness, and it is uncommon for consumers to feel sleepy afterward of using. Hence, this strain could be an insomniac’s best friend in the evening.

    A lot of cannabis strains are known to alleviate pain and this strain is one of them. Although not as potent as others, it still offers pain relief for mild pains and aches. The complete body relaxation and mild cerebral high makes the consumer feel happy, and in that way, could offer a level of comfort for anyone suffering from depression. But if one were to use this strain for the purpose of dealing with mental anxiety, then use it with caution as it might also increase paranoia in some cases.

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      Tangerine Kush may be cultivated either indoor or outdoor. Note that each environment may require different types of temperature.

      Tangerine Kush Growing
      Tangerine Kush Growing – Image powered by Grow-marijuana.com

      Indoor cultivation is ideally done by planting the strain on soil, which is the best way of bringing out the sweetness of the strain. Hydroponics setup and SOG method may also work, especially if the main goal is to increase yields.

      As for the outdoor cultivation, the strain is ideally planted in areas with cooler climates. Keep in mind that cooler climates do not equate to freezing conditions, so make sure to start cultivation once the weather outside is tolerable enough for the plant.

      Flowering Time


      Flowering time indoor may take 8 to 9 weeks. This will produce an indoor yield of 14 to 18 ounces per square meter.


      If cultivated outdoors, the buds should be ready for harvest by late September to early October and the expected outdoor yield is 22 ounces or more per plant.


      1. Tangerine Haze
      2. Rare Darkness

      FAQ About Tangerine Kush Strain

      What is the Tangerine Kush strain yield?

      Tangerine Kush yields 14-18 oz/ m2 indoors and 22 ounces per plant outdoors.

      How much THC does Tangerine Kush have?

      From 14% up to 19% THC.

      What are the origins of the Tangerine Kush strain?

      Tangerine Kush was created from a mix between Tangerine Haze and Rare Darkness No. 1.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Tangerine Kush? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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