Chemdawg 91 Strain

Chemdawg 91 is a pine-smelling hybrid with a disputed parentage. Despite it all, this strain has made it into an exclusive list of most asked for hybrids, which comes as o surprise. This strain often comes as a balanced hybrid, but sometimes leans more on its sativa side of things when it comes to its effects.

Chemdawg 91 is an excellent strain with matching mysterious roots. It does belong to the Chemdawg family that is known for being a popular root lineage used to create hybrids, and it is rumored that it is a descendant of a Thai landrace strain, but there is not much out there to confirm this claim.

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The “91” however, is said to state the year it was officially created, and it is known that it was created by the East Coast breeder who goes by the same name. Its most likely mix, as legend states, could consist of Chemdawg and Skunk – the only theory that makes sense, due to its pungent nature.

Information about Chemdawg 91:

EFFECTShappy – 10
euphoric – 9
uplifted – 8
relaxed – 7
energetic – 5
dry eyes – 9
headache – 3
paranoid – 1
anxious – 1
FRAGRANCEdiesel, earthy, lemon pine, pungent
FLAVORSpungent, earthy, diesel, citrus, pine
MEDICALpain – 10
stress – 9
depression – 8
insomnia – 7
nausea – 4
THC CONTENT %19%-27%
CBD %0.20%
INDICA / SATIVA %50% / 50%
OUTDOOR YIELD19oz/ plant
CLIMATEsunny and dry outdoor climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASEresistant to common molds and mildew

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Chemdawg 91 has a growing fan base, due to its happy-go-lucky nature and its ability to double as a daytime as well as a nighttime strain. Its body stone generally isn’t heavy, making it an ideal choice as a going out strain late at night, and is long lasting and effective in making you feel happier and more social.

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This blend’s heritage is a bit of a mystery but there is no doubt about the fact that it is incredibly uplifting and invigorating, making you feel sudden bursts of euphoria that will keep you in good spirits. Chemdawg 91 is perfect for sharing with friends, and can easily conjure up the uncontrollable giggles.

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Chemdawg 91 can also be relaxing, especially after a long day of being stressed and under pressure – this smoke will help you take a load off, allowing you to kick up your feet in bliss. For some, this strain can also offer up a boost of energy, spurning them on to get psyched up for a night out.


Chemdawg 91 has a very strong presence due to its aroma. Its pungent pine scent is unmistakable, making it widely sought after and appreciated due to its well-rounded personality. A hint of lemon and earthy will hang in the air for long after the bud itself has left the vicinity.


Chemdawg 91’s flavors are as strong as its aroma. A strong citrus and pine taste will coat the inside of your mouth upon inhaling its smoke, adding to your high immensely. On the exhale you will detect an earthy and pungent aftertaste that will feel sticky on the tip of your tongue.

Adverse Reaction

Chemdawg 91 has some minor side effects that can accompany its effects, although these are relatively miniscule. You will feel dry mouthed and often this will come in with dry and itchy eyes, making you feel slightly parched and uncomfortable.

Chemdawg 91 Adverse Reaction – Image powered by

Other side effects when smoking this strain include a mild headache that can occur especially towards the end of your high, but does not usually threaten to last very long. Chemdawg 91 can also make some individuals feel slightly paranoid, or even anxious, especially if you consume it in higher doses.


Chemdawg 91 is a well-rounded medicinal strain that has been found useful in the treatment of many chronic illnesses. Those who have difficulty managing their chronic pain especially appreciate this strain’s ability to reduce this greatly, while also helping their muscles relax, undoing spasms.

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Patients who suffer from chronic stress and struggle to manage it can benefit greatly from the use of this strain, as it can make them feel less caught up in the tangles of their worried thoughts and fears. Chemdawg 91 can also help them deal with the usual overthinking that most stress sufferers struggle to manage.

Chemdawg 91 Medical – Image powered by

Chemdawg 91 can help patients who suffer from depression and insomnia, too, making it easier for them to slow down their thoughts and identify what is weighing them down. Cancer patients are said to prefer this strain for the fact that it can eliminate their nausea and allow them to combat a lack of appetite.


Chemdawg 91 is a plant that seeks out a dry and sunny outdoor climate to thrive in, and can yield very well under the right circumstances. This strain creates buds that are average in size but are extremely sticky and fragrant, with a smell that will be hard to conceal from your neighbors.

Flowering Time


Chemdawg 91 grown indoors can be expected to yield an average of about 15 ounces of good bud per square meter planted. It can take an estimated 9 to 10 weeks to flower and be ready for a hearty harvest.


Chemdawg 91 grown outdoors can flower throughout the summer and be ready for a  around late of October. During harvest, you can expect this plant to yield an average of about 19 ounces of bud per plant.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Chemdawg 91? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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    1. Hands down the best strain out there and it always will be! I have been growing Stardawg from Top Dawg genetics for six years now and it’s always the standout plant in my garden! Rock solid in every way! Fragrance, effect, bag appeal are all A++! IMO Chemdawg and some variants like Stardawg will always be the true queen!!