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May 9, 2019

At some point just about everyone is faced with the possibility of having to take a drug test, whether it be for your current job, or one you are applying for. Naturally, you may be concerned about passing the test. According to recent studies, marijuana remains one of the top drugs that companies test for.

Studies say that hair drug tests are becoming an ever more popular way to screen for drug usage, and marijuana also remains in your system longer than any other drug.

Considering these facts, you have reason to be a bit concerned. It’s a good thing there are ways to handle this situation so you don’t find yourself in a bind.

Searching the internet for the right solution so you can pass your drug test with flying colors can get annoying when there is so much information out there. We comprised a comprehensive article with great information that can help put you on the right track.

First, let’s discuss what hair testing is and why many employers are using this form of drug test.

Hair testing actually doesn’t pick up on recent marijuana usage. However, it will detect usage as far back as months prior. They will take a strand of your hair and evaluate it to determine the drug metabolites currently in your hair, which clearly indicates what is in your body as well. Unfortunately, drug testing is a pain in the butt due to this process having nothing to do with your actual ability to perform well on your job, but this doesn’t stop employers from doing it.

How does hair testing work?

The reason this form of drug testing even became popular was because of employers’ desire to discover people who are serious long-term drug users. They initially were not trying to detect people who smoke weed every once and a while. When an employer wants to know if you are a short term drug user, they will still perform blood and urine tests. There is a chance that hair drug testing will reveal someone who only uses from time to time.

Hair tests can determine drug use as far back as 12 months, even though the best results are usually from the last 90 days.

Hair follicle testing works well because the hair requires blood to grow, and it gets the blood it needs from the hair follicle roots. Drug usage leaves remnants of the drug in your blood stream, which travels to the hair follicle. One way or another, your body intelligence will create metabolites that eventually will be deposited in the hair.

Hair will ultimately keep a record of all your drug activity. There is no getting around this part. There really isn’t much to it. Your hair can be used to tell much of your business when it comes to drug use.

What happens during the testing process?

What happens during the marijuana hair drug testing process

This is a question many people ask, and rightfully so since it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for what you may experience while there.

Once you get to your testing location, someone will get a tiny hair sample by cutting it from either the back of your scalp or the top of your head. Then they will put the sample in a sealed container. They will usually take about 1.5 inches of hair since most people grow about 1-2 inches of hair every 90 days. They are looking to take a 90-day sample.

The next step is to take your sample to a lab and have it tested for trace elements. It doesn’t take long for your results to come back. Expect to know if you passed or failed within 3 days.

Let’s be clear on the reason why hair testing is such a big deal these days. Here are some reasons why hair testing is preferred:

– Sensitivity and longer drug use history – Hair tests are sensitive to drugs like cocaine and especially if you use regularly. Our hair contains a long history of drug use in comparison to blood and urine. Just about every drug remains in your hair once it is deposited

– Difficult to fool – Unlike taking a urine sample, hair testing can be done in front of anyone, so you will never have the opportunity to try anything sneaky in a private setting.

– The old ways are not reliable – People are smart and find all kinds of ways to cheat urine tests, by using synthetic powders and urine.

While certain drugs do degenerate naturally after some time, THC has a way of staying in your hair until you actually cut it out.

There are some drugs that employers do not test for, so it doesn’t hurt to know about them. Here is a list of them:

Due to the increase in companies using hair testing thanks to magazines such as Occupational, Health and Safety suggesting this process, there is now more demand for cheat products than ever before.

What does marijuana have to do with your hair?

How long will cannabis remain in your hair

It’s important to understand the effects marijuana has on hair and what you can do about. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding this topic.

How long will marijuana remain in your hair?
When it comes to hair drug testing, you need to know about how long marijuana will stay in your hair. If you just smoked marijuana, it will be about 5-7 days before it will be present in your hair due to how long it takes for the hair to start growing.

Marijuana will be detected through testing for several months after that and pretty much stays there until it is stripped out due to chemical use or you cut it out of your hair. Once you smoke marijuana, it travels through your blood stream until it reaches your hair follicles. Every drug metabolite that is placed in your hair follicle will become enclosed in the hair shaft as it grows. So when you go to a drug testing company, they are going to test for these metabolites that are stuck in the core of the hair shaft.

Although they can determine drug usage by the hair strands length beginning at the scalp, knowing the exact timeline is impossible. There is no way to know the difference between metabolites that have been in your hair for only a few weeks versus those that have been there for a couple of days.

Are you able to wash marijuana toxins from your hair?
The hair shaft core is where drug metabolites are contained so no you do not want to try using your regular shampoo or even something to bleach this out. You will have to invest in a medical quality detox shampoo that has the right properties to get rid of any signs of drug use as well as the metabolites created from the hair.

Can a shampoo help you pass a drug test?

Can a shampoo help you pass a marijuana hair drug test

Things are changing quickly due to hair testing being very popular now so expect to see constant improvements in the quality of detoxification shampoos. For instance, there are many claims that products exist that can actually enhance the odds that you will pass your hair drug test. Crazy right?!

Shampoos made to detox the hair were created as a way to remove medical poisons as well to get rid of toxins from any prescription drugs given during surgery. These shampoos contain acids that eliminate toxic metabolites without causing any problems for your hair. It will pretty much remove any and all toxins regardless of what their source is, which means marijuana too.

Try these products by Testclear.com to pass your hair drug test.

It only takes 90-days to naturally detox the blood, urine, and hair
You can completely cleanse your body of all marijuana in just 30 days. The hair shaft core will be free of marijuana once you have fully cleansed the urine and blood. Growing your hair out for about 3 months will do the same thing. The body starts to clear out marijuana in as little as one week, but you will need to have absolutely no marijuana present in your bloodstream at all.

To jumpstart the process, you will need to dump out all the toxic junk with a combination of a daily regimen containing a nutritious detoxifying diet and herbal additives. They will completely remove all toxins from your urine and blood in 6 days or less.

After the permanent cleanse is finished, your next step is to cleanse your hair with a good detoxifying shampoo that gets rid of all evidence of marijuana.

Don’t Have a Week? Get your hair clean with a 24-48 hour brief cleanse
Worst case scenario, if you just don’t have the time to purify your urine and blood before testing you can always just use a hair detoxification shampoo to get the toxins out. This is not what we recommend for the best results but if it comes down to it, then this isn’t a bad option.

If you choose this approach, it will only temporarily remove toxins such as marijuana. This process will keep your hair clean for about 24-48 hours then after that the toxins will be right back in your system.

With so many companies claiming to have the solution to hair testing it’s hard to know what to trust. So the question becomes are there really any good, reliable products on the market that can help someone pass hair testing?

Shampoos are available that were created for the sole purpose of helping marijuana lovers pass these types of tests. While they may do a decent job of getting rid of toxins from drug use, the metabolites are in the hair follicles making it difficult, if not impossible to remove. This is because it is found in the actual shaft of the hair and this makes it hard to remove the metabolites from hair.

The truth is you really have to be careful when taking this approach to ridding your hair of marijuana. You would be better off using shampoos in combination with full body detox systems that cleanse the urine and blood as well.

What about testing body hair?

Body hair drug test for marijuana

Although not preferred, some companies test body hair. Especially if you happen to bald headed. Usually, they prefer to use hair located at the crown of your skull when doing testing, however if your hair is too short, they may opt for using body hair. The thing is, if they use body hair it will contain a timeline as far back as a year since hair has a unique growth sequence beneath the neck. However, it does not determine the exact time period that you were using drugs.

Examples of hair sample limitations
As mentioned earlier in this article it is possible that a sample of body hair will be used your head hair is too short to get a 90-day sample. Keep in mind that body hair does grow slower than head hair.

We provided a table below to show the drug test limits for all hair sources.

Source      Sample Limitations Detection
Head Hair dyes, bleaches & treatments affect results 1 cm = 1 month
up to 1 year
Arm, Back, Chest There is no month to month history 4-8 months
Underarms – Using deodorant could mess up the results
– No month to month history
4-8 months
Pubic Area Only for alcohol testing:
– Only good for proving no usage
– No way to identify excessive use
– No month to month history
4-8 months
Legs Only for alcohol testing:
– Only good for proving no usage
– No way to identify excessive use
4-8 months

How accurate is hair drug testing?

How accurate is hair drug testing for marijuana

In terms of accuracy, there isn’t much of a difference between the various testing options. Hair drug tests are no less accurate than urine or blood test and they actually are better for the employer since they show a longer history. According to the majority of drug test labs and companies there a 99% accuracy for every single one of their tests.

Ok, so knowing this doesn’t put you at ease if you are the one trying to pass the test, but the good news is there are ways to get around this. So you may be thinking how is it possible that I am going to get away with passing a test that is this accurate?

The truth is, there is no way that hair drug tests are always 99% accurate and the same goes for urine testing. These test just are not perfect. As we have already mentioned earlier in this article, there are ways to get around these tests. Some studies are even starting to prove that drug test are getting less and less accurate.

Even though testing is getting less accurate, many employers are going to use the labs and tests that are proven to be most accurate, so it doesn’t hurt to know who is doing the test. One of the more popular companies with the best reputation is Psychedemics. If you find out your employer is using this company, you will want to be prepared ahead of time.

Will preparation help you pass the test?

Will preparation help you pass the hair drug test for marijuana

Even if you are being tested by a reputable company, do not worry too much. You can prepare by purchasing a test to ensure that you are going to test clean prior to going.

Now here is where things may get a little challenging. There isn’t one way or even one product that we can promise will help you pass your hair drug test so you are not going to get that answer. There are, however, some excellent options that are likely helpful. There are even companies claiming a 200% money back guarantee on their products, but you don’t want to worry about a refund after you’ve failed the test, do you?

You need to do what you can to help. Below are some things you can do to lessen or even get rid of the evidence of drug use found in your hair.

Get rid of all the hair
Once hair tests were announced several years ago, many people opted to do the easiest thing they could think of to guarantee they would pass the hair drug test.

5 days before being tested completely cease all drug use and then you shave all the hair off of your entire body. I know it sounds extreme but it works! The new hair that grows will be clean since it will be about 7 days for the hair to get to the scalp.

You see, this is definitely easy and cost little to nothing.

Okay, so there is more to this than what was just mentioned. Clearly there are a lot of employers who are hip to this method and may fail you instantly if you come in with no hair at all. They are going to want to know why you suddenly shaved all your hair off right when there happened to be a hair drug test coming up. You can’t blame them for being suspicious.

For this reason, we do not suggest this unless you have no choice. Just consider that now they are going to want to test your blood or urine. So you are better off not doing this.

Create your own detox
So there are two intense cleansing techniques we heard pretty good things about. You don’t need much more than a couple products you probably already have at your house. So there are two common ways to cleanse such as the Growman/Macujo and Jerry G. They are effective in getting rid of any signs of THC metabolite from your hair.

Jerry G uses bleach and Growman/Macujo technique uses salicylic acid and vinegar. Not everyone swears by these methods, such as the many doctors, try it at your own risk!

Buy a detox shampoo
One of the best and simplest ways to remove any evidence of drugs before testing is by getting a good detoxifying shampoo. This really is one of the safest options. Now you simply have to figure out which product buy since many are making great claims to eliminate evidence of drug use from your hair.

The thing is many of them are no good.

Cleansing shampoos are very common ways to remove marijuana from the hair, however, you must know that there aren’t many detoxification shampoos that are actually up to par. The reason why many of them are not good is because they are not penetrating the hair follicle, which is necessary to get rid of any drug residue.

If you really want a quality shampoo that gets excellent results, you need to be willing to invest more money in it. If you see a detoxification shampoo that costs less than $20 than most likely it is probably not as good as it says. A good one to spend your money on is the Aloe Rid Shampoo in its old formula. It costs more than the other options because there is a limited supply, but it is entirely worth it.

Get Help
If figuring out the best way to get marijuana out of your system is more complicated than you are willing to deal with help is available. You could hire a detox counselor to help you choose the best way to cleanse your system or you could even use a service. One great service is Hair Detox Friend They boast over 10 years of experience helping people pass drug tests. They also offer a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Nowadays, marijuana drug tests aren’t just concerned about urine and blood, they are looking at your hair too. Therefore, if you smoke or eat marijuana, and you don’t want people to know about it, make sure you have a few home test kits and a detox plan prepared.

Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions below and don’t forget to download my free grow bible.


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