8 Women Who Show the Cannabis Industry is not Just for Men

The cannabis industry is often mistakenly thought of as a man’s industry, but this is simply not the case. The truth is that more and more women are starting to find their place in the industry. Currently, many of the people at the top of the cannabis industry are women, whether they are entrepreneurs, Instagram models, or just all around inspirational women. These awesome ladies prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the cannabis industry is not just for men.

Jane West

Jane West is undoubtedly one of the coolest women ruling the cannabis industry. She is the co-founder of Women Grow and the CEO of her own company Jane West, which is quickly becoming one of the cannabis industry’s top lifestyle brands. Jane, a former corporate event planner began her company as a hobby on the side, but the business took off quickly.

Her boss saw her vaping on CNBC and she was subsequently fired. This gave her the opportunity to expand her business to the successful brand we know today. Jane’s target market is not the typical cannabis user, rather she caters to wine moms and people who shop at Bed, Bath and Beyond. If anyone can make cannabis mainstream, Jane can.

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Meg Sanders

Meg Sanders is the founder and CEO of Denver based cannacompany, Mindful. Since founding Mindful in 2010 with her two cofounders, Meg has been unstoppable. Mindful was valued at 18 million in 2018, and was named the second most powerful female executive in the cannabis industry in 2016 by CBE.com. Now Mindful has expanded into Illinois. We look forward to seeing them in other states as well.

Jazmin Hupp

Jazmin Hupp also helped to cofound Women Grow, which helps to connect women with the ever growing cannabis industry. Hupp was named a “genius entrepreneur” by Fortune and a “top businesswoman” by Forbes. Jazmin has stated that her goal is to help one thousand women start their own cannabis businesses. Hupp also saw success prior to her entering the cannabis industry, but the fastest growing industry in the US is her primary focus now.

Women who rock cannabis industry jane west jazmin hupp
Jazmin Hupp and Jane West. Image Source: marijuana.com

Dale Sky Jones

Dale Sky Jones is the president of Oaksterdam University, the famed university that specializes in the cannabis industry.  Jones has been a passionate advocate of cannabis education and legalization advocacy for some time, and was even the spokeswoman for Proposition 19, which legalized cannabis in California. She is not only a woman who rocks in the cannabis industry, but an invaluable voice of legalization and education.

Charlo Greene

When you think of women who are ruling the cannabis industry, you can’t help but think of Charlo Greene. If you are unfamiliar with Greene’s story, it’s quite something. She quit her job as a reporter live on her Alaskan local news station, to announce that she was opening up her own cannabis club. She actually said “fuck this, I quit.” You can’t get anymore badass than that. Greene just relocated to LA and seems like she is purely enjoying her fame.

ChaCha VaVoom

ChaCha VaVoom aka Vanessa Sahagun, is the founder of 420 Nurses, arguably one of the best sites on Instagram. 420 Nurses is for aspiring models with a unique look and a passion for smoking weed. The gorgeous ganja lovers of 420 Nurses connect cannabusinesses with potential consumers and they are damn good at it. Their Instagram page has over 100 thousand followers and shows no signs of slowing down!

chacha vavoom women who rock cannabis industry
ChaCha Vavoom, president of 420 Nurses. Image Source: YouTube

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins is a “master herbalist” with a doctorate in naturopathy and one of the founding members of the California Cannabis Industry Association. Dr. Jenkins began practicing herbal medicine as a way to honor her late daughter Kiona, who tragically passed away in 2006 after being diagnosed with two brain tumors. Dr. Jenkins believes strongly in the healing powers of herbal medicine, especially cannabis. She is truly an inspiration to women who have been through the same thing.

Jessica Peters

Jessica Peters is the president of Moxie Meds, which specializes in CBD tinctures “for women, by women”. She uses all organic cannabis to create the purest extractions you can get, referred to as FECO (full extract cannabis oil). These extracts are used to treat anything from PTSD to menstrual cramps, which we all know can ruin your day! Jessica loves helping people, and says that this is her favorite part of the job. For that, we salute her!

Featured Image Source: sheknows.com

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