Best Things To Do While Stoned

If you are a recreational smoker of marijuana, then you have likely had the “what now?” question pop into your head after you have gotten all the supplies together and finally lit up. So you’re stoned, but what now?

The fact is, being stoned can make a lot of activities more fun. Whether it’s watching TV on your couch or doing something a little more creative, you will probably enjoy it in an entirely different way than normal. However, do you really want just to sit on the sofa and zone out while watching TV?

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    The key is to know what you’re going to do before you light up. Otherwise, finding the motivation and creativity to actually figure out something to do can be quite difficult. Try using the following list to be inspired. The next time you light up will certainly be an adventure!

    Listen to music in the dark

    Listen to music in the dark while stoned

    This is fairly typical of pot smokers to try so you might not find it to be an entirely new idea for you. However, have you ever actually given it a try? Listening to the music in the dark is already a cool experience, but doing it while high is something extraordinary.

    Turn up your headphones or stereo to as loud as you can and sit in complete darkness while the music washes over you. The bass will vibrate you to your bones, and you may even have colorful patterns and shapes dancing along with the music. The whole point of this activity is to lose the world around you and be completely sucked into the music experience — you’ll be surprised what types of emotions emerge. You might even have an epiphany or two to boot.

    Watch a (good) movie

    Watch a movie while stoned

    Just like you shake away the world around you and are completely immersed in the music experience with the lights off, a movie can affect you in a similarly immersive way. You might completely forget about your life in general and will be transported into the story being told on screen.

    The key to a really high-quality experience is to choose a good movie. Even though the simplest of comedies will amuse you when you’re high, you have the opportunity here to enjoy different kinds of movies in new ways. Choose a movie that has some depth to it, as you will quickly find your mind being blown away by some element of the story.

    Go to a theme park

    Go to a theme park while stoned

    In particular, take a ride on one of the roller coasters. Because being high increases the intensity of most experiences, doing something that is already extremely intense will give you an unmatched feeling of thrill. Just imagine it: the wind, the steep, sudden drops, and you screaming to your heart’s content. If there is any way to remind yourself that you are truly living, this is it.

    Express your creativity through art

    Express your creativity through art while stoned

    Creativity is perhaps best expressed through making art. Being high makes your hyper-creative, so take advantage of that and draw, color, or paint something! Even just doodling or sketching can be an awesome experience as you will come up with things you never have before when you weren’t high.

    This activity does not only apply to visual art since some of us are not gifted there. It can also apply to creative writing whether it’s poetry, short stories, or just some sort of stream of consciousness. If writing isn’t your thing either, just try out new things altogether. You won’t be perfect, but the whole point is to have some fun — so find something you enjoy, no matter what the outcome is!

    Make some music
    Similar to the creation of visual or written art, making music is an entirely creative experience that can be thoroughly enjoyed after smoking marijuana. Playing music may be highly enjoyable to begin with, so imagine what heightened senses and creativity from being high can do for you while playing. You will feel like you’re actually creating magic — the experience is that tangible after lighting up.

    Even if you don’t play an instrument, there’s no better time to start than the present. With daily practice, you’ll be to a point to making music in just half a year. Not only is it extremely healthy for your brain and self-confidence, but it also will give you the perfect high experience.

    Try meditating

    Try meditating while stoned

    Meditation is a proven healthy thing to do regularly. It helps your immune system, is decreases stress levels and can relieve anxiety and depression, and it increases focus, productivity, creativity, and just makes you a happier person with better relationships. That said, many people find it difficult and boring to do.

    Not so when you are high. This is the perfect way to take advantage of the fact that you are in a state of mind where you can basically mentally float away just by closing your eyes. It is the perfect state of mind for meditation.

    Sit down and close your eyes, then read your thoughts as they come. You don’t need to do anything with them — don’t mentally comment or judge or react, but simply notice them. It will feel as if you are watching a strange movie of some sort, or that you are experiencing virtual reality.

    Keep relaxing and let your mind progress deeper, letting go of all the stress and tension you might carry with you. After a while, your thoughts will naturally slow down, and then you will just be mentally silent and aware, and suddenly you will know who you really are.

    When you reach this point in meditation, you can rest assured that your thoughts and anxieties, insecurities and words are not what make you a person. Just your consciousness is all you are, and it is perfectly peaceful and silent. There is no greater feeling of liberation.

    Talk about deep stuff

    Talk about deep stuff while stoned

    This may seem like another obvious one, but it is certainly worth mentioning anyway. If you are feeling extremely high, go for a deep conversation with one of your willing friends. The perfect type of person to do this with is someone who you can wonder about the meaning of life, the possibility of God, the energy and auras in everything, and all sorts of deep, wonderful things. Remember that you both should be high in order to enjoy the experience to its full potential.

    Read a book

    Read a book while stoned

    Just like you can get completely lost in the story told in a movie when you’re high, you can get equally lost in the story told by a book. It sucks you out of the real world and into new ones where only your imagination is the limit. And when you’re high, your imagination has no limit.

    It even can help you learn some things, as any reading is prone to do. Some people prefer to read poetry while they’re high because they can experience the meaning and words on a deeper level than when they aren’t high.

    Even non-fiction books can be highly enjoyable while high as the reader will have a far deeper and more interesting experience with them than normal. Essentially any book you decide to read will be made more interesting with the help of some marijuana.

    Try eating something new

    Try eating something new while stoned

    Of course, the munchies hit everyone when they smoke marijuana, but there is a right way and a wrong way to fulfill that craving. For example, eating fast food or whatever is lying around is the wrong way. The right way is to try out some new food.

    Whether it’s going to a restaurant with some sort of foreign cuisine that you have never tried before (Korean, Indian or Indonesian, for example), or going to the supermarket and picking up something you have ever tried before, such as a particular kind of fruit or vegetable from a far away land. You will certainly enjoy whatever it is you pick.

    Go for a massage — or give one

    Go for a massage - or give one while stoned

    Because being high already makes your muscles relax and loosen more than normal, a massage is the perfect icing on the cake. You will experience the feeling in a much deeper way, and you will end up fully relaxed inside and out. Then give one to someone, as it can be just as enjoyable as getting one. This is one of the best activities to do with your partner. You can even go the extra mile and light candles, play some peaceful music, and burn some incense.

    Make love

    Make love while stoned

    This is another obvious one, given the fact that smoking marijuana makes your sensations far more intense than usual. Every bit of touching that occurs will make your nerves do cartwheels, making the entire experience far more pleasurable and exciting than usual. The emotional side is also a deeper, more meaningful experience. Better yet, orgasms are even improved by being high, as they are much more intense and can last longer than when you haven’t smoked.

    Go camping

    Go camping while stoned

    Much like the idea of going out for a stroll in nature when you’re high, going camping will achieve much of the same enjoyment. If you are in the middle of nowhere, and there is absolutely no one around, the freedom to smoke and fully experience the world around you will be a once in a lifetime experience. Coupling this with friends who join you, a bonfire, swimming in a lake, and even fishing will complete the epic adventure that is camping while high.

    Wear a costume

    Wear a costume when stoned

    You should try whatever type of activity that calls for a costume. Lots of people prefer to get high before going to a type of event such as Comic-Con (or whatever equivalent your city has). Whether you are dressing as an alien, a cartoon, a monster, or a hero, you will have a blast walking around in your costume while completely high. You will have pictures taken with you, and you might even get pictures with some of your favorite characters.

    Another option, in case Comic-Con is not for you, is a Renaissance Festival or any similar event. Dressing up and role playing is always fun, but combined with marijuana makes it that much more hilarious and enjoyable.

    Go to a concert

    Go to a concert while stoned

    This also may seem cliche, but we would suggest going to a concert that isn’t necessarily the norm for the pot-smoking world. Instead of seeing a band like the Grateful Dead, instead, go to an opera performance or a symphony orchestra concert. You will be surprised how deeply classical music can affect you when you’re high, even if you normally don’t prefer to listen to this type of music. The experience is always better and more exciting when live, so if you have the option, you should see a live performance.

    Do your chores

    Do your chores while stoned

    This may sound like it’s a bit out of place, but actually accomplishing something productive while high can be really enjoyable and useful. Your motivation will be increased for even the most mundane of tasks, and you will find a sort of peaceful calm in things like doing the dishes and cleaning. It even helps with any anxiety that might come about from your high. Some people even prefer to use getting high as their motivation — once they have completed a boring chore that needed doing, they “allow” themselves to smoke.

    Cook something

    Cook something while stoned

    This is the perfect combination of having the munchies and expressing your creativity — in other words, cooking is one way to take full advantage of your high. Find a recipe that is not only interesting but also a bit of a challenge. You will find yourself wanting to experiment a bit — and this is the perfect time to do that without it affecting your cooking confidence. Remember, anything that turns out horrible can be blamed on the fact that you were high.

    Another option is to make an event of cooking and baking. Bake some marijuana edibles (brownies, cakes, or cookies are always good options) and then invite people over to enjoy the tasty treats and barbecue for everyone. You will have more fun that you can even imagine!

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