Robert Bergman

October 3, 2020

Afghan Kush is a popular purebreed that is loved for its famous heavy-bodied high. This indica blossoms into large, fragrant nuggets that boasts of the ultimate relaxing components all indica lovers look for.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
0% / 100% 16oz/ m221oz/ plant7 – 8 weeks indoors, late September to early October outdoors.

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This pure indica is one of the best and purest choices you can make when looking to be the most relaxed you can possibly be. This bud originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range and has been developed and perfected over the years, creating the perfect Afghan indica experience.

Afghan Kush seeds were created by a Sensi Seeds partner from the Netherlands, who engineered the perfect strain and make it easy for everyone to grow. This 100% indica is loved for its no-fuss strong body-high that can relax even the most stressed out human being out there.

Information about Afghan Kush Strain:

ORIGINAfghani indica
EFFECTSrelaxed – 10
sleepy – 7
happy – 6
hungry – 6
euphoric – 4
dry eyes – 6
paranoid – 3
dizzy – 3
headache – 1
FRAGRANCEearthy, floral, kush, pungent, spicy, sweet
FLAVORSearthy, woody, pungent, sweet, pine, herbal, spicy
MEDICALstress – 10
pain – 10
insomnia – 8
depression 6
headaches – 5
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORSlate September, early October
CBD %6.00%
INDICA / SATIVA %100% indica
OUTDOOR YIELD21oz/ plant
CLIMATEsunny mediterranean outdoor climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASEhigh resistance to common pests and diseases

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


This strain is potent, and should be consumed sparingly by those who are not used to this 100% indica. Afghan Kush is known for giving you the munchies, and will have you taking turns between sinking into the couch, and reaching for some food.

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This Kush is good clean fun. It can relax even the most stubbornly stressed person, and is guaranteed to bring in the happy chemicals. A certain euphoric state can be enjoyed when smoking Afghan Kush, which is certain to last for a while, complete with the giggles, which makes the whole experience even more joyous.

Afghan Kush has a certain smoothness about it and its relaxing effects will slowly creep in on you. It will leave you feeling tingly with positivity, and then slowly sinking into a state of absolute peace and happiness. Eventually, this strain will put you right into a blissful slumber that will have you forgetting anything and everything that may be bothering you or stressing you out.


This strain has a very rich and fragrant earthiness to it, that makes it instantly appealing, as soon as it enters the room. Afghan Kush is very pungent, and boasts of a special sweet and floral note that will hang in the air and accentuate your high. Often, its smell is cut with a bit of spice, making the whole experience even more exotic and interesting.


Afghan Kush is easy on the lungs, and goes down smooth, with not much of a chance at a cough. Its woody-pine taste is lined by a bit of a creamy inhale, and you can instantly taste the herbal notes it is infused with. On the exhale it will leave a bit of a spiciness, making its earthy and pungent flavor even more noticeable.

Adverse reactions

This exotic indica can be a little too much for the inexperienced smokers – this bud is full-on potent, and should be handled gingerly, especially on the first time. Sometimes you may experience a slight headache, but this is almost always when you have consumed more than you can handle.

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Afghan Kush will leave you feeling parched, with an intense cottonmouth that can be accompanied with dry eyes. Occasionally you may feel a slight bout of paranoia, that can sometimes feel like you are a little dizzy at the same time.


This Kush is a popular choice among doctors. Its potency plays a big role in its effectivity – Afghan Kush has an exceptionally high CBD level, sometimes reaching a whopping 6%. Headaches and migraines are also known to be treated quite well with this particular strain.

This means that it is very effective as a strong painkillers, and is therefore one of the top choices for this ailment. Long-time sufferers of intense and persistent chronic pain, like joint pain and muscle spasms, back pains and period cramps, have benefitted from the use of this strain.

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Patients, who are coping with mood disorders, are also known to love this strain. Afghan Kush is very effective in reducing symptoms in depression, stress and insomnia, allowing you to relax your mind much more effectively, and then putting you into a restful and revitalizing rest.


Afghan Kush likes a balmy mediterranean climate, if you are to cultivate it outdoors. However, it is relatively uncomplicated to grow and can adapt to almost any growing medium. This 100% indica can yield quite generously, and is highly resistant to any common pests, parasites and molds.

Flowering Time


This pure indica takes around 7 to 8 weeks to flower and prepare itself for a harvest. During harvest, Afghan Kush can yield an estimated average of around 16 ounces per square meter.


Afghan Kush likes the great outdoors, especially if the climate resembles that of a European summer. This indica is usually ready for a harvest around late September to early October, and can be expected to yield an average around 21 ounces of sweet bud per plant.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Afghan Kush? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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  1. By Ron ,22 Dec 2016
    I find using a heating pad under a tray filled to the top with growing medium works well, I have gotten 100% results with the seed I've gotten from yall! Thanks for the good job yall do! Ron
    1. By Chad Cote ,22 Aug 2018
      I. Bought Afghan Kush feminized seeds this year. They are growing the very best but I have cut at least 75 clones and I can't not get them to take!!!! Fryer three different kinds of rooting compound or in jail […]Read More
      1. By Chad Cote ,22 Aug 2018
        Omg sorry this post is messed up!!! Spell check wasn't working The best. All I want to ask is I bought feminized seeds and can't get them to Clone. Are you unable to clone feminized seeds or is this variety […]Read More
        1. By latewood_ILGM ,23 Aug 2018
          Chad, IN general, there is no problem, cloning feminized seeds. People do it all the time. I can say that some strains are harder to root than others. I suggest you join us at our ILGM support forum and let […]Read More
          1. By Indica4me ,29 Aug 2018
            I found a single Afghan seed in some shake, planted in my backyard here in Denver, the seed took and as of today. It's 8' tall and 5-6' wide and it's in the 2nd week of flowering! Hundreds of nickel-sized […]Read More
      2. By trish ,31 Aug 2018
        HI, where did you purchase seeds? I am in OZ. and am having trouble purchasing seeds. TIA.
  2. By Glp ,09 Feb 2017
    Frostiest of 5 different strains from ILGM very nice - so big from seed I'm afraid to monster crop a clone from this one as I grow indoors- bet it would take up the entire tent! -lol Thanks!
    1. By Roy ILGM ,13 Feb 2017
      Glad you like it! I do too! /vapes
  3. By Dan ,20 Feb 2017
    I have smoked Afghani and i must say i enjoyed the effects. at first it felt strong but it then became very relaxing. i would recommend this strain for anyone who wants to chill out and relax. its a good […]Read More
  4. By Migraine – Medical Marijuana ,15 Mar 2017
    […] migraine symptoms. The best marijuana strains for migraines include CBD rich strains such as: Afghan Kush, Blueberry, Trainwreck and Cheese. Order your seeds today and grow some […]
  5. By Shiela Jenkins ,29 Apr 2017
    Does the plant have to kept warm. In Britain we don't have much sunlight so if we grew it indoors would you needs the heat lamps
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,02 May 2017
      Yes Shiela, Plants need to be kept warm. We have many growers from the UK and Europe in our support forum that would be happy to share their growing methods for your region. Join us at http://support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/ We will be […]Read More
  6. By Ushie ,17 Aug 2017
    This is the first time I've grown this strain. I live in a mountainous region where it rains a lot and the nights are chilly yet the plants I've grown are now all flowering and are very busy. My only […]Read More
  7. By Rod ,01 Jan 2018
    I always thought the pics of seedlings looked photo shopped. Well the afghan kush I got look just like that!!! Makes ya feel like your a pro! The real credit goes to the forum here. I've had 2 issues and […]Read More
  8. By Jon Edwards ,13 Mar 2018
    I thought I'd try it for a change, I'm impressed with the appearance after 8+ weeks and the girls look they want to hang out for 9 or 10 to me. Rock solid and large in wilmas, feed is old […]Read More
  9. By Daniel Martin ,18 Apr 2018
    Afghan Kush is one of the best strains to help settle paranoia and discomfort. Unlike other strains, Afghan Kush won’t play with your thoughts or feelings. Instead, you can count on this strain to ease you into a gentle relaxation. […]Read More
  10. By Jerboy ,22 Apr 2019
    Growing afgani indoors with 3 L.E.d. (total 2500 watts, 1300 veg). Germed in 24hrs, sprouted all by 48 hrs. 20 days since sprouted. All 6 are about 6-8 inches high and at least 9 inches wide. Largest leaves as big […]Read More
  11. By Bobby ,27 Sep 2019
    I'm reading the description of the Afghan kush you Stated height as tall ?? I'm a bit confused is this a typo ??
  12. By Tharindi ,08 May 2020
    I like afghanica kush.but not available our country.you'r can help me delivery.please give me a chance please please
  13. By Michael ,25 Sep 2020
    Absolutely beautiful pungent full of trichs nasty 55 days of flower 26 ounces kill kill using advanced nutrients trio

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