Snoop Dogg is Having a Good Year

It’s been a rather interesting year for hip hop icon and celeb stoner extraordinaire Snoop Dogg. He just wrapped up shooting the second season of his show Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, the show that he co-hosts with Martha Stewart on VH1, he hung out with Matthew McConaughey, and mixed the world’s largest gin and juice. It’s barely halfway through the year!

Snoop Dogg Finds a Pinecone

He made the news last month when he was hanging out at Martha Stewart’s New York compound, got high and saw a pinecone for the first time. Snoop posted a video on Instagram of him wandering around the grounds high as hell when he came upon a rather large pine cone. Snoop Dogg had apparently gone his entire life without seeing a pine cone and was utterly fascinated by it.

After asking repeatedly what it was he was holding, Snoop then said that he was going to take it back to California with him, because presumably there are no pine cones in California (I used to live there and there were definitely pine cones in California). You can watch the video on Instagram.

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    Snoop Hits up the Drive Through with Matthew McConaughey

    At the end of last month Snoop and actor Matthew McConaughey both hit up the drive through of an LA area Carl’s Jr, the antics of which Snoop posted on Twitter. The two hit the drive through with Snoop filming in the passenger seat wondering when the pair were going to be recognized. Naturally the manager noticed Snoop Dogg in the passenger seat first. The whole exchange is quite hilarious.

    Snoop and Martha at the MTV Movie and TV Awards. Image Source: US Magazine

    Snoop Dogg Makes a Giant Gin and Juice

    Last month at the Napa Valley Music Festival, Snoop and fellow nineties hip hop star mixed the world’s largest gin and juice The giant cocktail contained 180 1.75 liters of gin, 156 1 liter bottles of apricot brandy and lastly 28 3.78 liter bottles of orange juice, making it the largest gin and juice in the world, according to Guinness World Records. The giant gin and juice was made to accompany a delicious looking Jamaican jerk chicken dish. The drink was garnished with a giant straw, parasol and a real sword speared through a melon. The giant gin and juice was dispersed among lucky backstage pass holders.

    Who knows what the rest of Snoop Dogg’s year is going to look like. Maybe he’ll come out with a new line of glass. Maybe he will star in another show. Roll the world’s largest joint? The possibilities are indeed endless!

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    What do you think the rest of Snoop Dogg’s year looks like? Tell us in the comments!


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      1. Snoop Dog is the man and I would love to meet him. I hope he continues to be successful