The Hog Strain

The Hog is an award-winning indica strain that has bagged many awards, most notoriously the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup for best indica. This plant has since made waves wherever it went, and is much appreciated for its pure effects, combined with a luscious scent and unique flavor.

The Hog is a 100% pure indica with mysterious beginnings. It is said that this strain is a creation that stems from the crossing of Hindu Kush and an Afghan strain, however, this story has been disputed, leaving us all in the dark about its actual birthplace.

One thing is for sure though, this pure indica is something of a sensations. Popular in the United States, as well as within the European continent, The Hog has found many indica fans who have sworn their loyalty. This delicious flower will bring even the toughest guy down, but it will do it with a smooth and soft force, and it is therefore extremely enjoyable.

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The Hog weed strain attributes:
EFFECTSsleepy – 10
relaxed – 8
happy – 7
euphoric – 7
hungry – 7
dry eyes – 9
paranoid – 7
anxious – 6
dizzy – 3
FRAGRANCEearthy, floral, pungent, skunky, spicy
FLAVORSwoody, sweet, earthy, pine, floral, pungent, skunky, spicy
MEDICALinsomnia – 10
stress – 10
pain – 8
inflammation – 7
muscle spasms – 6
THC CONTENT %17%-27%
CBD %0.20%
OUTDOOR YIELD27oz/ plant
CLIMATEsunny and dry outdoor climat
RESISTANCE TO DISEASEresistant to common molds and mildew

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


The Hog is a very good representative of what a legit pure indica should feel and taste like. This strain is strong and fast-acting, with an almost narcotic effect on your entire body, that will make you want to stay stuck in a couch lock, especially on those days when you are feeling extra exhausted.

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If you have plans or need to operate any kind of heavy machinery, then this is definitely not the kind of strain you want to indulge in. The Hog has a heavy indica high that is best enjoyed on a slow night when you have time and space to simply let go of your thoughts and smoke yourself into sleep.

The Hog Effects

The Hog is all about feeling relaxed from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. This pure indica will blanket you with a warm and fuzzy blanket of happy vibrations, making you feel euphoric and elated. You are likely to succumb to the munchies when smoking this strain, so it is best to be prepared by keeping your munchables closeby


The Hog smells like a dream, and as soon as a bag of it is opened near you, you will feel like you are being swallowed whole by its sweet and floral aroma. This strain is extra skunky and pungent, and contains strong hints of earthy and spicy to it as well.


The Hog contains a complex combination of flavors that will make your mouth water. This strain tastes mostly woody and earthy on the inhale, with a strong and pungent taste sticking to your tongue. On the exhale, you can detect its skunky and spicy presence, mixed in with some fresh pine and florals.

Adverse Reaction

The Hog has some side effects that we can thank its high THC levels for. At times, this strain has been tested at 27% for its THC content, making it no surprise that you may end up with a bit of paranoia and anxiety, if you are not used to smoking this particular indica.

The Hog Adverse Reaction

Other side effects when consuming this plant include a dry and parched mouth, often occurring with dry and itchy eyes. The Hog can also at times leave you feeling slightly fidgety and anxious, and in some rarer cases, you may feel slightly dizzy and tired.


The Hog has some very useful medicinal applications, making it a real success and a much requested strain within the medical cannabis scene. This pure indica is one of the best strains you can prescribe to insomniacs, as it can put even the most clear headed night owl down.

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Chronic stress is one of the main ailments this strain is used for, as it can reduce the physical stress, and ease the mind quite successfully, allowing you to relax fully. The Hog is also very good for easing tension in those who suffer from uncontrollable muscle spasms, creating a deep-tissue state of calm.

The Hog Medical

The Hog can reduce inflammations greatly, making it ideal for those who struggle with arthritis and gout, allowing these patients to live more comfortably. This indica can also reduce chronic pain in many patients, especially when it comes to glaucoma, back aches and joint pains.

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The Hog is a nice strain for even novices to grow, as it isn’t very fussy and appreciates every bit of sunshine and sunlight it gets. It can yield very well, much to the delight of the growers, and grows into a small and bushy plant with densely growing buds all over.

Flowering Time

The Hog grown indoors can yield an average of about 23 ounces of bud per square meter planted. This strain can take an average of about 8 to 9 weeks until it is fully flowered and ready for a generous harvest.

Growing The Hog outdoors can yield even higher during harvests, often reaching an average of about 27 ounces per plant. This indica can be expected to be ready for a harvest around the middle of October.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own The Hog? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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4 comments on “The Hog Strain”

  1. yes ive grown TH seeds hog 6 plants under hps and using co2 and ill tell you ive never experienced anything like it since my friends keep asking me for it it is not for the faint hearted i don’t care who you are or what your tolerance is that weed will sit you down properly for hours to say your smashed is a under statement ive sent numerous emails to TH seeds asking for it but they don’t do it anymore it not on their web site and that is the biggest shame on TH seeds because as i have said ive never been that stoned since what a shame to let it go unforgivable but it is what it is

  2. I am on my fifth grow with this strain for a reason, it is good! Some things to know about the strain. 1) It is pungent stinky skunky whoa, You have to use a carbon filter if growing indoors, even if it is legal in your area to keep neighbors at bay, 2) it has hermaphroditic tendencies on the lower limbs – I have grown this in FFHF and FFOF and combos of both along with making my own organic living soils, every time I get a few Naners or have a couple with balls that I remove without them returning, 3) It makes monster leaves you have to prune to increase light to your other budding sites – I mean these things were as big as my chest, 4) you cannot use a normal bud grinder to break these up as they are so sticky I had to resort to a cannabis only coffee grinder to do my work, just a few pulses and whoa momma the smell, good luck getting it off of your fingers, 5) Medicated city after you puff on this HOG, famous for cotton mouth, couch-lock, and the munchies, with all pain and stress removed, go get a snack! I will be growing this again and again.

  3. Never heard of it until yesterday and now this weed MUST remain within my possession at all times….i was just thinking to myself about how much I missed the Fire og I had a few days before.. Sugar queen and BlackBerry kush couldn’t help at all after the fire.. then HOG came round and has shown me the way….

  4. I’m growing hand of God. And is doing fairly well, but I’m having problems with mold. So I wanted to know if anyone else that’s growing hand of God is having a problem with mold and all my leaves are going from dark big leaves to yellow. And my clones are having the same problem. What am I doing wrong?

  5. I’m growing hand of God. And is doing fairly well, but I’m having problems with mold. So I wanted to know if anyone else that’s growing hand of God is having a problem with mold and what’s the best remedy for it