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April 7, 2020

The child of two famed parent strains, Cinex is quite the superstar. This strain is all about its feel-good qualities, and its powerful medical powers. This hybrid will keep you clear-headed throughout the high, stimulating your creative energy and socializing with your environment and spreading that good vibe.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
60% / 40% 19oz/ m216oz/ plant7 – 9 weeks indoors, early October outdoors.

Cinex is a mix of parent strains Cinderella 99 and legendary sativa Vortex. This hybrid became a quick favorite in the medical cannabis scene for a reason. It is used widely for the treatment of mood conditions, but also for soothing pain in many ailments.

This strain is a sativa dominant flower. It’s a perfect daytime smoke, because it is energizing and can allow you to go about your day with even more gusto. Cinex offers up an intense cerebral high that keeps you focused and inspired, and free from all your usual everyday worries.

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Information about Cinex Strain:

ORIGINCinderella 99 mixed with Vortex
EFFECTSenergetic – 10
uplifted – 9
happy – 9
focused – 8
creative – 7
dry eyes – 8
anxious – 7
paranoid – 3
headache – 3
FRAGRANCEcitrus, earthy, pungent, skunky, sweet
FLAVORScitrus, skunky, sweet, earthy
MEDICALstress – 10
depression – 9
fatigue – 5
pain – 5
headaches – 4
THC CONTENT %22%-25%
CBD %0.40%
INDICA / SATIVA %40% / 60%
OUTDOOR YIELD16oz/ plant
CLIMATEdry and warm climate, but can withstand cooler climates

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Cinex is a perfect blend of the sharpness of sativa and the relaxation of indica. This hybrid is a great morning smoke, encouraging productivity and increasing a sense of happiness. This sativa-dominant strain is great for starting your day with the right kind of boost.

This strain is a favorite of many, and with good reason. Cinex is an uplifting daytime strain, that will make you feel energetic and like you are able to conquer anything. Add to that this hybrid’s ability to induce the happies and you have yourself the perfect sativa. You will feel uplifted and elated for hours to come.

The Effects Of Cinex
The Popular Super-Hybrid To Outdoor All OthersImage powered by Howtogrowweed420.com

Cinex is also perfect for keeping your focus in check. This strain will help you stay on mission and help you get through your work with much gusto. If you are in need for a little help in getting more creative, this smoke will keep you inspired and have you in the zone.


This bud is especially aromatic and bold in its presence. Cinex impresses with its skunky-sweet scent, that boasts of hints of citrus, leaving a fresh zest in the air. This hybrid also tastes earthy and sweet, reminding you of a basket of freshly picked oranges.


Cinex tastes especially tangy and stimulating, accompanied by a pleasant citrus undertone. This strain tastes very skunky and is complimented by a pleasant sweet and sour flavor. It boasts of earthy undertones and a hint of fresh lemons that will cling to your tongue.

Adverse reactions

This hybrid is very potent and can therefore cause some uncomfortable side effects in some. Cinex will cause the usual dry cotton mouth feeling as well as a case of the dry eyes, making you feel slightly dehydrated.

The Adverse Reaction Of Cinex
The Adverse Reaction Of Cinex

Another side effect of this strong smoke is that it may leave you feeling anxious, especially if you aren’t used to smoking strains this potent. Cinex may induce a mild sense of paranoia. This may sometimes be accompanied by a slight headache, but doesn’t usually last very long.


Doctors have prescribed this particularly potent strain for a variety of reasons. Cinex has proven to be very effective in the treatment of mental disorders. ADHD and PTSD have been successfully treated with the regular use of this hybrid, due to its high THC and CBD levels.

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Cinex has been used by patients who complain of chronic stress, too. This hybrid can ease tension both physically and mentally, that is essential for a stress patient to relax and unwind. Depression is also treated with the use of this strain, as it can be uplifting and calming and can help you find relief.

This super-strain is also helpful for those who suffer from fatigue, as it can help focus and energize you. Pain symptoms can also be soothed by this hybrid, as Cinex has a pretty decent CBD level. This means that minor aches such as headaches and migraines may also be treated with this particular strain.


Growers love this strain for its quick-growing and heavy yields. Cines is grown in the Pacific Northwest, which means it is quite weather resilient and can be grown even in cooler climates. It is also easy to trim, which means that growing this strain is easy even for amateur growers.

Cinex Growing
Cinex Growing

Flowering Time


This hybrid takes around 7 to 9 weeks to grow and flourish and be ready for a harvest. Cinex can yield an average of about 19 ounces per square meter of good fresh bud during harvest.


Cinex grown outdoors is flexible due to its easy-going nature and ability to grow even in more northern climates. This plan can be expected to yield an average of about 16 ounces of bud every harvest, which is usually around early October.


  1. Vortex
  2. Cinderella 99

FAQ About Cinex Strain

What is the Cinex strain yield?

Cinex yields 19oz/ m2 indoors and 16oz/ plant outdoors.

How much THC does Cinex have?

From 22% up to 25%

What are the origins of the Cinex strain?

Cinex was created from a mix between Cinderella 99 and Vortex.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Cinex? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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  1. By Randy

    ,14 Jun 2017
    I grew one out last year and I was seeing amber trichs by the 20th of September here in southern Oregon.

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