12 Slang Terms All Stoners Should Know

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When you first start smoking weed you’re going to see and hear a lot of slang terms. You will hear them a lot. Most are pretty easy to figure out. Even non-stoners know what “dank” means. Here are some stoner terms that you will certainly find helpful.


Newcomers often confuse trim with shake, but the two are completely different. Shake is what’s left after you’ve smoked all those big juicy nugs. It’s when you’re stash has turned to dust, basically. Trim, on the other hand, is a slang term for what’s left after you’ve trimmed your plants. These are typically not smoked but instead used to make extracts.


Not to be confused with a spliff, a sploof is a handy tool used when smoking weed. It’s made from a toilet paper or paper towel roll with a dryer sheet covering one of the openings. When exhaling, you blow the smoke into the dryer sheet. This prevents any residual odor from the smoke from sticking around. This little tool saved my butt multiple times when I was trying to disguise the dank smell.

Sploof - slang term used by stoners
Sploof – Image source: Weedmaps.com

Space Cruise

A regional slang term for when you want to go on a drive and smoke a bowl, e.g. “you wanna go on a space cruise?” We’re not condoning smoking and driving, but this is a popular pastime for people who for one reason or another cannot smoke in their homes.


A snipe is a slang term for a joint that has been rolled from roaches of other joints. Think of it as a way to recycle. These are best for when you’re out of green and all out of other options. Yet another reason why you should save all of your roaches.

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Slang for crappy weed, sometimes called “dirt weed”. The only reason you need to know about schwag is to know to avoid it. If someone offers you schwag, you should probably just decline because that nasty crap is more likely to give you a headache. Schwag isn’t around all that much anymore and that makes the world all the better of a place.

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    Resin is the term for the sticky black goo that is leftover in your pipe after you’ve been smoking in it a lot. Some people like to scrape it and smoke it when they are desperate. I prefer not to because it tastes nasty. You can use it to make pretty killer knife hits though.


    Reclaim is often confused with resin. It’s that goo that is leftover in your rig from taking dabs. It takes on many different appearances depending on the type of concentrates you’re using. Reclaims are way better to smoke than resin, but a bit harder to collect. We’ll get into that at another time.

    Reclaim vs. resin - slang terms used by stoners
    Reclaim and resin – Image Source: ladybud.com


    A pinner is a slang term for a small, skinny joint, a  pin sized joint you could say.  Most of the time these are the types of joints rolled by newcomers to the stoner world. People might say that they are crappy joints, but they really come in handy when you just want a few quick puffs, or when your stash is nearing its end.

    Pinners - a common slang term used by stoners
    Pinner joints Image source: https://www.weedweekly.com/


    A greenout is the stoner version of a blackout, but with not nearly as bad side effects. Basically a greenout is when you smoke too much and get too high. Usually what will happen is you will just go to sleep. You may get dizzy, or clam up. In same cases you might vomit. This is nothing compared to a blackout from too much boozing. I’ll take a greenout any day of the week.

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    For anyone who isn’t a fantasy nerd, an ent is an anthropomorphic tree creature from Lord of the Rings. It’s also another slang term for stoner. If you hear someone refer to themselves as an ent, 9 times out of 10 they are saying that they like to smoke. Chances are highly unlikely that they are an actual tree person.


    Couchy is a slang term for those indica strains that make you feel like you’re glued to your couch. If someone refers to a strain as “couchy” then you can expect to be pretty inactive for the rest of the day after smoking it.

    Featured Image Source: Colorado Pot Guide

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      FAQ About Slang Terms Stoners Should Know

      What are some common stoner slang words?

      Sploof, snipe and couchy are among common slang terms used by stoners.

      What is the slang term for getting high?

      Weed smokers or stoners sometimes use the slang term “greenout” to mean “getting too high” that you’ll just want to go to sleep.

      Does sploof mean the same as spliff?

      No, these are 2 different terms. Sploof is a tool used to mask the smell of weed smoke. It’s made from a paper towel roll with a dryer sheet to cover one of the openings. Spliff, on the other hand, is a marijuana cigarette that typically has a 20:80 weed to tobacco ratio.

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      Did we miss any other stoner slang terms? Add your own terms below! Its highly likely that someone will benefit from it.

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        1. Ming….. a joint made with 10 roaches. Ming 1…ming2…etc ming2 is made with 10 ming1. Lets smoke a ming5-

        2. I don’t know if this fits but I wanted all you babies out there to know about Ming 1. It was a popular term back in the 60’s in Central California. So Ming 1 is all the roaches broken open and rerolled into a decent joint. Ming 2 is all the roaches from Ming 1 joints rolled into a joint. Ming 3 is well you get the picture. Apparently, one stoner in Laguna Beach got all the way to Ming 7 but it took 4 years and lots of weed. I had a Ming 4 puff or two once and it was uh, what did you call it? Couchy. Yeah, and nasty oily but super trippy. Thanks Robert for a really great mission you’ve taken on!