5 Strains to Take With You on Your Winter Adventure

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The holidays are over and now we’ve got a few months between now and when a lot of us will feel okay about going outside again. Spring semester  is going to be starting in a few days. A lot of us will just want to chill on the couch and watch Netflix until spring. Others of us are planning on a winter adventure down a snow covered mountain. I’m talking about going snowboarding of course! Before you go however, you need to make sure that you’re bringing the right strains with you. 

5 Strains to Bring on Your Winter Adventure

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a must have when you’re doing anything outdoors, whether in the summer, or the winter time. This sugary treat will make you want to get up and go. It makes everything seem like an adventure, so of course it’s perfect for being in the woods and hauling ass down the side of the mountain. Blue Dream gives you enough energy to run around for hours after only a couple hits, so you don’t even need to pack that much. Take a couple puffs from your vape before hitting the slopes and you will feel as though you’re walking through a dream!

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    Orange Crush

    This fast hitting treat will make you feel instantly recharged and ready to face the day. These qualities make it the ideal strain for being out and experiencing the raw beauty of nature, especially when going on a winter adventure. Orange Crush will give you a cerebral buzzing high for hours and make you feel like you could jump over mountains, of course you probably shouldn’t try to do that. It is a great strain for sliding down them.

    Black Dahlia

    This delicious honey and sage flavored indica is the pinnacle of rest and relaxation and is the best when you want to sit underneath a big, beautiful tree and ponder the questions of life. Of course, this is not nearly as desirable in the winter time, but it will make you really appreciate hanging out by a roaring fire!

    Bubba Kush is a great strain to take on a winter adventure. Image Source: PotGuide.com

    Bubba Kush

    This heavy hitting indica has an earthy and musky taste, which pairs very well with the great outdoors. It’s also the perfect strain for relaxing by a warm fireplace after a long day of stretching and working out your muscles. As the effects begin to wear off, you will begin to drift off into a deep sleep, which you will wake from feeling rested and energized.

    Strawberry Cough

    This Cannabis Cup winner offers a well balanced high that makes you feel both calm and relaxed yet energized at the same time. It’s perfect for achieving that zen feeling that you’re trying to rediscover before going back to work next week. Strawberry Cough is a bit harsh on the inhale, which makes it perfect for that crisp mountain air and your winter adventure!

    Featured Image Source: wagrain-kleinarl.at

    These are the ones I’d take with me on a winter adventure, which strains do you prefer? Tell us in the comments !

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    marijuana grow bible
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