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You have probably already noticed — there is a lot of marijuana slang out there, and many of us barely know the half of it. Whether it is a weed synonym, stoner slang, or just other types of weed lingo, the list is extensive. It is surprisingly important to know at least the basics of weed slang terms, as you are going to want to understand what a person means when they use them. Whether it’s your friends, your dealer, or even an article online, knowing the marijuana slang terms can be extremely helpful. Let’s look at some of the stoner lingoes now.

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    Synonyms for “joint”

    spliff synonyms

    As far as cannabis slang goes, the rolled thing you smoke has some of the most marijuana synonyms associated with it. It’s amazing how creative people have become, and how commonplace many of this weed vocabulary is these days. The following words can be substituted:

    SpliffZiggyBob Marley
    PufferGasWizard stick
    (Scooby) DoobieMummy fingerGiggle stick
    JoeRolexTrippy stick
    Paper planeTingDope stick

    Synonyms for “smoking marijuana”

    smoke marijuana

    The list of terms that mean “smoking marijuana” is also extensive, especially given the fact that it has needed to be shrouded in code for generations. If you want to tell someone you’ll be smoking marijuana later, you likely aren’t going to be able to say it outright without bringing unwanted attention to yourself — and maybe even bringing the police to yourself. For that reason, you should instead choose from the variety of synonyms and slang terms that mean “smoking marijuana.” The list includes:

    BakeBug outChief
    Fire it upLoad a fat onePuff
    MacGyver smokerSessionShot gun
    Smoke dopeSpark upToke
    Wake and bake420Celebrate 4/20
    Tea timeHotboxing (in a car)Clam bake (in a car)

    Synonyms for “marijuana”

    weed slang

    Of course, what really takes the cake is the number of terms that simply refer to marijuana. Some of them don’t feel like slang at all because they are so commonly used, but to an outsider, these terms would be really confusing. Some of the weed slang terms are less common, however, so everyone has something to learn from this list:

    HerbHippie lettuceIndica
    Left-handed cigaretteLoudMary Jane

    Terms for marijuana quality

    There is a huge variety of marijuana terms that are referring specifically to the quality of the product. This can be where new people to the marijuana world get the most confused. What’s the difference between dank and schwag? How do you know which is the good stuff? What about skunk? Although slang may vary from place to place, we try to clear it up for you below:

    Schwag or Mids: these terms refer to lower quality weed, likely with stems or seeds in it. Schwag weed is the stuff not worth paying money for, the bottom of the barrel. It isn’t as strong as good marijuana, meaning you’ll use more weight to get high anyway (making it even more expensive). Schwag weed is generally ugly in color (brownish gray or green).

    Bud or Nug: this refers to the actual bud form of marijuana — it can be decent to pretty high quality.

    Dank: this is a term that means the product is higher quality and has a very aromatic smell to it. Consider this an almost “grade A” type of marijuana, which means it is good but not perfect. It will be moist, sticky, have no seeds in it, and will be an altogether pleasant experience. If you smoke regular to decent weed, this is likely how almost all of it could be described.

    Chronic: this is the cream of the crop, best suited for the expert smokers among us. It will be extremely potent and therefore only works well for people who already have a high tolerance. You will feel chronic weed after just one hit.

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      Kush: this is a specific strain of marijuana, but the term “kush” is often used to refer to just about any kind of marijuana, especially if it will mellow you out (sometimes called “kosh”). Kush is generally higher in quality and could even be described as chronic.

      Skunk: predictably, skunk is used especially for marijuana that is particularly strong smelling. This often correlates with a strong high so skunk can be quite good. “Skunk weed” often refers to marijuana that wasn’t properly cured, leading to the pungent smell. That being said, skunk weed often has higher THC and falls into the higher side of the “dank” category.

      OG: this is a little bit different, given the fact that it is a specific kind of marijuana. OG strains are easy to find on the market. But the term “OG” has numerous explanations, including “Original Gangsta,” “Outdoor Grown,” or “Ocean Grown.” Most people are of the “ocean grown” opinion. It is tied to OG Kush, which is considered to have been the first OG strain ever. According to legend, it was tried and then said that it was so amazing that it must be “mountain grown.” But then the grower replied, “it’s ocean grown” (since it was grown in California) and the name stuck from there.

      The meaning of “420”

      what does 420 mean

      Everyone knows that 420 refers to marijuana in some capacity, but where does the number originally come from? It refers to the date, April 20th, or the time 4:20, but also is simply a symbol of marijuana culture in general. There are several stories around it, but ultimately it comes down to what “420” actually means to you. Many use it to express their love for marijuana and the weed community. More on 420 in this article.

      Thanks for reading. Do you have any lingo that we forgot? Drop them in the comments below.


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