Sugar Black Rose Strain

Not to be outdone by almost all consumable food in the world today, one in which there is sugar, is this hybrid. Of course, we do not eat weeds, but rather smoke them. As such, its name is a play on how it smells and taste. But more than just the fragrance and the flavors, Sugar Black Rose is a gentle weed that brings with it a different kind of high. Unlike the intense hits that bring people to outer space, or keep one immobile, this strain is more soothing and relaxing.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
20% / 80% 12 to 16 ounces per square meter16 ounces or more per plant 7 – 8 weeks indoors, mid-September outdoors.

Although it has a slightly above-average THC, it does not overwhelm smokers. But it could sedate the body enough to cause drowsiness and consequently, most smokers do fall asleep. As such, this strain is to be used when there is nothing to do.

On the surface, there is nothing fancy nor spectacular about Sugar Black Rose. Other than its name which suggests it has a sweet smell and taste, as well as having a floral scent, it is in its simplicity that makes it a standout.

There is no mystery to what it can do, nor where it came from. Bred by Delicious Seeds, it is a cross between two popular strains, Critical Mass and Black Domina. As a result of this breeding, an Indica-dominant Sugar Black Rose was created to cater to the needs of those who are looking for a gentle strain to use. At the same time, one that could offer great medicinal value to medical marijuana users.

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    Information About Sugar Black Rose Strain

    ORIGINCritical Mass and Black Domina
    EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
    Euphoric – 6
    Happy – 5
    Uplifted – 4
    Tingly – 4
    FRAGRANCESweet, pungent, earthy, floral, fruity
    FLAVORS Sweet, berry, lemon
    Dry eyes – 9
    Headache – 2
    Dizzy – 1
    MEDICAL Stress – 10
    Pain – 10
    Insomnia – 6
    Nausea – 6
    Depression – 6
    FLOWERING TIME INDOOR 7 to 8 weeks
    PLANT HEIGHT 3 feet
    THC CONTENT % 18%
    CBD % Unknown
    INDICA/SATIVA %80%/20%
    INDOOR YIELD 12 to 16 ounces per square meter
    OUTDOOR YIELD 16 ounces or more per plant
    CLIMATE Unknown
    GROWTH LEVEL Unknown

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    As alluded to, Black Sugar Rose is a gentle hybrid. In many ways, it is as feminine as it gets. Users of this hybrid will not feel a sudden rush of the mental hit, not an insane intensity that induces psychedelic thoughts. Instead, it creeps up delivering its users to a calming and, at the same time, happy state. It could also prompt some people to giggle or laugh more.

    The mental high is followed by a slow and steady buzzing to the body. As a result, users now feel relaxed and mildly sedated. The gentle high will stay on for several hours, but as it fades, there is a tendency to feel sleepy.

    Sugar Black Rose does not give one an instant boost in creative thinking or energy, similar to drinking a cup of espresso. What it is, is a relaxing strain without the baggage of spinning worlds.


    There are a lot of great smelling strains in the world, and Sugar Black Rose belongs in that conversation. It has a pungent odor mixed with an earthy smell, as well as distinct floral and fruity smells.


    As great as it smells, it also tastes great. Besides the sweet fragrance carrying over to its taste, the added hints of lemon and pine make it a mouthwatering treat.

    Adverse reactions

    Not everything is all sweet with Sugar Black Rose. For all its feminine qualities and gentle effects, it does cause smokers to feel their mouth and eyes drying. Nothing to worry about here as these are normal reactions with the use of cannabis.

    A few other concerns associated with its use is a mild headache. It is most likely a result of overusing, or one using for the first time. What is important with using marijuana is recognizing one’s own tolerance level. For beginners, Sugar Black Rose may be a great starter, but it should also be done with caution.


    The gentle buzz of its mental and body high is one of its most sought after effects. Because of the good feeling, it gives to its users, its ability to uplift moods, stress levels are reduced. But more than simply a great feel-good strain, it can also aid greatly in pain relief.

    If you were to ask medical cannabis users why they use Sugar Black Rose, immediately, they would say it is either for stress or pain management. One other thing this cannabis strain is known for is in easing gastronomical problems such as nausea. Because it causes users to feel sleepy, it is also a good choice for Insomniacs.

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      Despite being a relatively easy strain to get ahold of, there is not much information on growing Sugar Black Rose. From what we could gather, it should grow well in warm climate. While it could grow taller, keeping it short is the preferred method. Besides growing outdoor, it is also suitable for indoor cultivation as well.

      We don’t currently sell Sugar Black Rose seeds. Check out other indica dominant seeds in our marijuana seed shop.

      Flowering Time


      Grown indoor, in as few as 7 weeks, it is possible to have an abundant yield of around 12 to 16 ounces per square meter. One notable thing to mention here is that while indoor marijuana growers are fixated on using carbon filters to eliminate odors, this is one strain when that may not be an issue.


      Towards the second to third week of September, when it is most ideal, Sugar Black Rose could give growers around 16 ounces or even more per plant.


      1. Critical Mass
      2. Black Domina

      FAQ About Sugar Black Rose Strain

      What is the Sugar Black Rose strain yield?

      Sugar Black Rose yields 12 to 16 ounces per square meter indoors and 16 ounces or more per plant outdoors.

      How much THC does Sugar Black Rose have?

      Around 18% THC.

      What are the origins of the Sugar Black Rose strain?

      Sugar Black Rose was first bred by Delicious Seeds, who were able to create it by crossing Critical Mass with Black Domina.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Sugar Black Rose? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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        8 comments on “Sugar Black Rose Strain”

        1. Im growing this now and will be flowering them in a month. Im letting mine veg for 4months first. So far they are going good. No issues with anything in my tent and soil set-up. In veg they dont smell much which is nice. I had these seeds on my wish list for ages so im super excited.

        2. I grow this strain every year… beautiful flowers… thc averages 25%-27% thc.. i have mine tested at PSI LABS here in michigan… i start my plants early inside during late winter.. outdoor i get 8ft-10ft tall plants.. and average 2lbs of smokable buds with leftovers for hash…

        3. Words can barely describe the amazing quality of Sugar Black Rose, but I love it like a fat man loves a buffet so I’m going to try since I grow it every season. The buds smell loudly of rich damask (rose) with a hint of overrippen grapes/berries, dusted in sugar and made into a candy. They grow to large dense flowers that leave the branches heavy and in constant danger of breaking the branch off the plant. The taste is even better and makes the grow wait all the more worth it; the first inhale covering the pallet in dense white smoke flavored of candied wildflowers, while the exhale is lightly reminiscant of exotic spiced hashish traditional to Kush strains. Decadant can’t even begin to describe a well grown crops taste and smell, but the site is wholly misleading about the “gentle effects” of the strain and should classify it more appropriately as “creeper”. SBR comes on slow and steady, filling the user with unparalleled waves of euphoria, bliss, happiness, and joy while the cerebral of it will leave most relatively functional for basic tasks for 70-80 minutes without any of the intense psychotropic effects one might expect from an indica. Those are generally felt in a numbness or tingling throughout the high that makes it a great plant for joint pain, like when my tendonitous acts up, or after my friend has spinal surgery and wanted something not an opiod. After the 80 minute mark though, the waves of euphoria that had been filling you, now crush you with tsunami force and can leave you grinning ear to ear on the couch while you’re laughing your ass off at Big Mouth or Venture Brothers with a bowl of munchies in your lap, this lasts for another 60-70 minutes. This is not a gentle strain, and even the breeder classifies its strength as ‘Narcotic’ which it lives up to in spades, my ultra novice GF finding the high so intense herself that it stops being “fun” at the 30 minutes mark. It’s stupid levels of easy to grow and train though, highly resistant to a variety of pests, molds, and fungi, and a great yeilder for such a squat plant. I’ve heard of issues however with getting stable Phenotypes from the breeder, and the described above only applies to what I’d call pheno#1 (likely the one the breeder was aiming for) with the most common being a second phenotype that leans heavier on the sativa (I think) side with similar effects and flavor: the key differences being the smell is less of rose and more candied hashish and wildflowers with the flavor being similar.

          TL;DR : IGM site is misleading on the potency and strength of a most decadent narcotic/opiod strength strain whose genetics make getting the likely-main pheno hard to get in a seed buy.

        4. Almost forgot to mention that I inquired Delicious Seeds about the aparent discrepancy between the listed lower 20’s, and upper 20’s THC level results I was experiencing.

          They sent an attachment of their lab analysis showing 26.4 THC.
          And no explaination.

          But the numbers don’t lie.
          It’s some damn kick ass bud, boss!

        5. Stumbled onto SBR as a freebie from The ‘Tude.
          The writeup Above is misleading., implying its weaker in potency than it really is.

          The trick is to find the right pheno.. And SBR throws a Disproportionately High percentage of surprisingly poor stock. It’s only downfall, IMO.

          Bottom line: The more sophisticated high it delivers is hard to beat. High tolerance and duration spells top notch quality.

        6. Tired growing sugar Black Rose for the first time, and couldn’t wait for Dry/cure to be finished so I could try it! Waited a week into the cure, and although a little rough as it wasn’t quite ready, the residual taste left on my lips kept me licking them for hours 🙂 🙂 🙂 Reminder me of those flavoured rolling papers you can get, but in a good way! Mellow high, but 100% highly recommended! Fairly easy to grow too, although buds are not huge. Enjoy this quickly flowering beauty if you get a chance!

        7. This strain is the one that made hippies, well, hippies. Outside, the trees speak their own language, as does the wind. It’s all a language of peace, of coming-together, of harmony with all living things. I’ve tried a lot of strains, but I will always suggest Sugar Black Rose if anyone asks my opinion. Generation Health in Colorado is where I first discovered this, and I have not seen it at any other dispensary. So totally the best.

        8. This is a remarkable plant. I’ve never grown a strain before that so exactly matches all the product information available. Everything written above is exactly what I’ve grown. Incrementally, from germination to now one week from harvest this plant has developed like clockwork. As mentioned above the scent of this plant is remarkable. In fact I believe it is lovelier than the Strawberry Banana in grew two seasons ago. So too the resin production. I did clip and dry a small bud last week and now having tasted her I can agree with all stated in your write up. A wonderful,stress free high that is as gentle as can be.