Robert Bergman

September 5, 2019

Strawberry Cough is a distinct sativa, that was popularized due to its strong strawberry smelling and tasting presence. Although its exact mix of strains is disputed, one thing is for sure – if you are looking for a special sweetness mixed with a guaranteed clear-headedness, then this is the strain for you – as soon as you recover from the unavoidable coughing.

This mystery strain is derived from the Haze strain, although details on its exact heritage are a bit unclear, pun intended. The only thing about its history that makes sense is that it was supposedly cultivated in a strawberry field, creating uniquely sweet bud.

Strawberry Cough was named that, for its exact effect in triggering a cough attack in even the most experienced smokers. Because of this strain’s sweet nature, this cough then consequently ends up hinting on a very obvious strawberry flavor.

Information about Strawberry Cough Strain:

ORIGIN Haze (exact origin unknown)
EFFECTS happy – 10
uplifted – 8
euphoric – 8
energetic – 7
relaxed – 7
dry eyes – 8
headache – 2
dizzy – 2
anxious – 1
FRAGRANCE earthy, floral, sweet, herbal
FLAVORS strawberry, sweet, berry, earthy, sugary, spicy
MEDICAL stress – 10
depression – 8
pain – 5
fatigue – 4
lack of appetite – 4
CBD % 0.20%
INDICA / SATIVA % 20% / 80%
OUTDOOR YIELD 14oz/ plant
CLIMATE hot, tropical climates

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


On average, Strawberry Cough has the potential to be more potent, but usually toes the line quite consistently and is a pretty easygoing strain. Its immediate effect is that you will burst out into a cough, as your throat will feel a strong tingling sensation after smoking it. However, once that immediate effect fades, Strawberry Cough becomes more than enjoyable.

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Not a fast-acting strain, there will be a delay in feeling its effects, as they will descend on you gently. Strawberry Cough will induce a sense of feeling relaxed and happy and make you think a trail of uplifting thoughts. A healthy boost of energy can be felt throughout, and this sativa will make you wanna jump out of your seat and get things done.

Strawberry Cough Effects
Strawberry Cough Effects, Is Like Coughing Up Strawberries

It is said that Strawberry Cough is pretty ideal when you are stressed and need a little encouragement to accomplish tasks at hand. This strain will unwind you without making you feel tired – in fact, it will make you feel refresh and like on a bit of a sugar-high.


This strain is pleasant not only to the cerebral side of things, but also provides a complete aromatic experience. Strawberry Cough smells like a field of fresh strawberries, the earthy tang hanging in the air like flowers in spring. It has a touch of herbal notes to it, mixed in with a healthy dose of sweetness.

Strawberry Cough Fragrance
Strawberry Cough Fragrance


Upon inhalation, Strawberry Cough is immediately sweet on your tongue, and the flavor clings, creating a delicious berry aftertaste. The earthy-spicy taste of the smoke will linger in your mouth, and a strong sugary presence can be observed, reminding you of what else – strawberries.

Adverse reactions

This strain is known for its smoothness, having a relatively short list of side effects. Strawberry Cough does have the tendency to encourage coughing, especially at the first puff. However, other, more serious adverse effects are quite rare with this strain.

With Strawberry Cough, a slight headache can sometimes be observed, in some rare cases. This can be accompanied by a little dizziness, which can perhaps lead to a feeling of anxiety, although this is a very rare occasion in this sativa.

Often, the only side effects of smoking Strawberry Cough, is the harsh feeling of a dry mouth, and a case of dry eyes. This may leave you feeling dehydrated, and can further encourage the coughing. This is why it is important to always have a glass of water nearby, to help calm down your throat when needed.


Strawberry Cough is most effectively prescribed for the treatment of stress. This strain can relax the mind and slow down your thoughts, making it easier to focus on the actual tasks at hand, without getting carried away by the stress.

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It has strong focus-inducing properties, and is therefore highly recommended for those who suffer from ADD and ADHD, as well as other mental health issues. Depression is well treated with Strawberry Cough, as it can encourage relaxation and happier thoughts. The same goes for anxiety and PTSD – Strawberry Cough can effectively regulate those brain chemicals into thinking more positively.

Strawberry Cough Medical
Strawberry Cough Medical

Pain and fatigue can also be treated with this strain, and it has proven to be a strong tool in the fight against nausea in cancer patients, encouraging a healthier appetite during chemical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.


This medium-height plant is relatively easy to cultivate. Outdoors, it thrives in a hot and tropical environment. Strawberry Cough likes a lot of sun, so if you plan to grow this strain indoors, consider doing it in a greenhouse. It is resistant to most common pests and molds, making it an easy strain for even amateur growers to raise.

Flowering Time

Strawberry Cough, when grown in a sunny indoor setting, can yield about an average of 14 ounces per plant. This strain normally needs around 9-10 weeks to flower and be ready for a successful harvest.

This easy-grow strain loves being outdoors, especially when kept in a hot, humid, tropical climate. Strawberry Cough can produce an average yield of 14 ounces per plant, and can be expected to be ready for harvest around the month of October.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Strawberry Cough? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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    Doing an indoor grow right now. About two weeks left of flower she's very crystally and turning purple and smelling awesome. Loving the way she looks so far

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