Gelato Strain

May 22, 2021

Gelato is a balanced hybrid, which tilts a tad bit in favor of Indica, that traces its parents to Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Having a cannabis strain, Gelato, nicknamed after NBA legend Larry Bird is no disrespect to the hall-of-famer. Certainly, it does not suggest that the player turns to gel when the lights shine the brightest, and he cracks under the pressure. No, there is another reason for that, which will be covered in the next section.

Sativa/Indica %Indoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
45%/55% Above-average per square meter Above-average per plant 56 to 63 days indoors, early to mid-October outdoors

Gelato is so named after its fragrance and flavor. As is to be expected, this cross between two cannabis weeds that were designed to have an agreeable aroma and taste resulted in one that you would find irresistible.

Everything that makes it HARD for you turns to gel as this is one strain that gives you a high that does not crash you physically.

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How about that? There is a cannabis strain nicknamed Larry Bird. But no, it is not because the legendary NBA player endorses it or anything, but more a reference to his jersey number 33.

Gelato is a hybrid that was bred by an outfit in San Francisco, Cookie Fam Genetics. After having released several Gelato phenotypes, one, in particular, is numbered 33 which is how it became associated with Larry Legend.

Information about Gelato Strain:

ORIGIN Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy – 9
Euphoric – 8
Uplifted – 7
Creative – 5
Dry Eyes – 3
Dizzy – 3
Anxious – 2
Headache – 2
FRAGRANCE Sweet, Earthly, Blueberry, Orange
FLAVORS Sweet, Woody, Lavender, Berry, Citrus
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Pain – 8
Depression – 8
Insomnia – 4
Nausea – 4
PLANT HEIGHT Short to Medium
THC CONTENT % 18% to 25%
CBD % 0.1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 55%/45%
INDOOR YIELD Above-average per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD Above-average per plant
CLIMATE A warm and humid climate
GROWTH LEVEL Difficult to grow

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest

So, how powerful is this strain?

Even experienced users with high tolerance have reported that as soon as the first inhalation, a head-high kicks in, which some describe as psychedelic. Gelato is one strain that could stop you in your tracks as you take the time to adjust to intensified surroundings.

In many ways, this is a feel-good strain as you feel your mood changing to euphoric. As such, Gelato is a good strain for social gatherings. With you feeling relaxed and happy, the body buzz starts to creep in. If that sounds inviting, make sure to check out Gelato fem seeds at our online seed shop.

The great thing about Gelato is that it does not leave you mindless. In fact, a spark of creativity is induced. You may be laughing with your friends, but your mind is functioning well.

The general sense of good feeling is heightened as you let loose of the stress and tensions in your body.

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Traces of Gelato’s parent, the Sunset Sherbet, can be detected with the smell of pungent orange. But once it is grounded, an earthly hint is added to its aroma. It takes its sweet aroma from its other parent, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. As a result, Gelato has one of the most agreeable aromas among cannabis weeds.


Gelato has a distinct taste with an aftertaste of berry and citrus. Its taste is also its greatest strength compared to other strains as this one has a more universally agreeable flavor. One thing to note is that it does have a pungent smell. That means there might be people nearby who may smell it.

Adverse Reactions

Gelato does not have any serious adverse reactions, other than what is common in cannabis strains. Because it kicks in hard and fast, it is reasonable to expect momentary dizziness. Some people have reported experiencing a mild headache. But on rare occasions, this strain may cause a slightly elevated level of anxiousness.

A good thing to do when smoking weeds are to stay hydrated by drinking fluids, especially water. And that should take care of a headache and one more thing, the one reaction common to almost all strains, and that is having dry mouth.

Are you a marijuana veteran burdened by a high tolerance looking for an easy smoke that hits hard every time? You are going to love Gelato!



Gelato has a sedative quality that helps in physical relaxation. It also has a numbing quality that gives it medicinal value, such as in relief from chronic pains and aches.

The head high and mood altering quality it has benefited those who are suffering from depression and other anxiety disorders. Combined with body relaxation, stress levels are decreased to a manageable level.

Speaking of body relaxation, this strain, if used in the evening, may also help those who have problems sleeping such as those with insomnia.


It does not only smell or tastes good, gelato also is beautiful to look at. Bright orange hairs with sparkling white resin coats the dark purple hues of its small buds. But there is one thing that may make it hard for you to plant this strain. It seems that seeds are not commonly sold. If you do have access to plants, trimming and cultivating clones works.

Flowering Time


This plant is not easy to grow, so indoors and especially using a grow tent is preferable. That is because you have better control of the temperature. With an ideal growing condition, harvest can be expected in 8 to 9 weeks. The actual yield is unknown but it should be better than average.

Do you want to learn more about harvesting? Please download our Harvest Guide here! 🙂

One more thing. The use of grow tents is preferable as it can also hide the pungent odor of the plant.


Grown outdoor, the ideal climate of Gelato is warm and humid conditions. If it can be exposed to cooler temperature before flowering period, then it would improve its quality. No actual data is available but because of the high yield of its parents, it is reasonable to expect this strain to have a yield as well.

Gelato is ready for harvest in mid-October.


  1. Girl Scout Cookies
  2. Sunset Sherbert

FAQ About Gelato Strain

What is the Gelato strain yield?

16 to 18 oz per square meter

How much THC does Gelato strain have?

Up to 20%

What are the origins of the Gelato strain?

The Gelato strain was created in California’s Bay Area by combining genes from Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Gelato? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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Gelato Strain Strain Review

Great seed bank I highly recommend to anyone

Rated 5 out of 5
14 April 2021

I have 12 out of 12 . 4 black widow 4 sky walker OG and 4 Bruce banner. All seeds sprouted quickly and are looking great. Thanks Robert Bergman I also just got the sweet mix pack and can’t wait to grow those babies. Thumbs up so far this is an elite seed bank with high quality seeds and a wealth of information to help you along the way. 5 stars

James W

Gives me peace of mind

Rated 5 out of 5
22 March 2021

Talk about being free from worries and stress – that’s what this beauty can give you! It calms my nerves and really gives me peace of mind. Tried it with a vape and a bong and I always yearn for more.. The taste is more like “cookies”. Really happy with this strain!


Super potent

Rated 5 out of 5
6 October 2020

Yes, I have grown and smoked my own Gelato. I had two plants going and actually resented them a little bit because they were finicky and lowish yielding.I was growing outdoors just outside of Toronto though and that probably came into play. All is forgiven though lol because I tried the better plant of the two last night. Hands down it was in my top 3-5 all time. This with 25 years smoking under my belt. My sample, even with zero cure, tasted of cherries and lime sherbet. Totally reminded me of GSC for the first half hour and then I guess the Indica side kicked in. I was still tripping @ 2.5 hours and my body was totally numb. Six tokes totally wrecked me up. Big thanks to the original breeders.


Bought fem seeds, beautiful plants

Rated 5 out of 5
6 August 2020

Ordered seeds from my seed bank. 100% germination rate!! Topped all the baby plants at the third node, repeating this twice. With low stress tie down to each branch now I have BUSHY babies. @ week 6 I untied all branches to have the wind strengthen before flowers come in. Feed all my babies Fox Farm trio and Great White micro. They all got a very strong smell now. Waiting for flowers to come in now!! I am in the Southern Us, always Humid and hot here, and they love it.


Gelato is by far my favorite hybrid strain!

Rated 5 out of 5
29 April 2020

Gelato is by far my favorite hybrid strain. Nothing makes your day more leveled then some good old’ Gelato. It’s naturally capable of making you feel super relaxed without feeling sleepy. If you want to nestle in with a nice book or movie, Gelato is a great companion. It’s great for me because it gets me pretty stoned without giving me any headaches or discomfort.


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  1. By Mike B ,27 May 2017
    hello robert. i am currently growing some gelato seeds that i found in a bag. it is my VERY first grow. i have 2 big mothers that i am about to flip to flowering early next week after removing some […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,01 Jun 2017
      Hey Mike, that's an awesome trip! I know people on our support forum would really enjoy your stories. Perhaps you could share them over there as well :D – I❤️GM
    2. By Leonardo Paris ,19 May 2018
      Inspiring. So inspiring, bro. I have to go big or go home. Been thinking about "Kitty Footing" into the grow world, but now, I have to go for the plant I truly want to grow. Great Job on what you've […]Read More
    3. By Jon ,16 May 2020
      I have a seed and very interested in growing and cloning it soon a harvest are two shouldn't stretch the strain to's all in the nutrients..llight and dark
  2. By Joshua R ,01 Jan 2018
    I'm growing gelato 33 right now and it is tall it's about 6" I had to tie it down and use trellis Nets to help I have 5 weeks left it does look good
  3. By Bill Sutton ,17 Apr 2018
    I'm going to grow for the first time gelato 45 would you say it's a hard plan to raise
  4. By The Hawk ,25 Jun 2018
    Got 5 outdoor monsters of gelato as we speak. First time with this strain but 30 years of outdoor harvest! Elevation above 4,800 ft. 11 weeks of veg and budding start’s middle of August! Definitely let U know the outcome […]Read More
  5. By Willy Hempy ,29 Jul 2018
    Have 5 gelato girls growing at 4,900 ft. Short growing season up there.havent replied before 3 are over 6 ft, while other 3 are short fat girls. Still at veg state. Will report outcome after harvest 👍
    1. By Dru ,24 Aug 2018
      How long will you keep them in veg stage and would you do 48 hour total dark before switching to 12/12??
      1. By Hommy ,10 Dec 2020
        I give 36 hours is super beautiful when you open your grow. Tent again trust me
  6. By 1UrbanOrganics ,19 Sep 2018
    I have one Gelato Seedling that has four serated leaves it sprouted in 2 days on 9/7/18. I was told that i would not be able to grow it but I’m going to do everything to keep it alive and […]Read More
  7. By Duane Davis ,05 Oct 2018
    Where can I get black cherry gelato strain
  8. By Nate P ,14 Oct 2018
    Hi. I am growing a Gelato plant. She was used as a mother so great quality genetics. Im about 8 weeks into harvest, it appears botryis has taken bits of my top. Is this strain or the parent strains susceptible […]Read More
    1. By Kevin ,03 Oct 2020
      I’m about to harvest two Gelato plants and they were certainly very tricky to grow outdoors. There seemed to be virtually zero resistance against mold. I’ve had to apply the home remedy spray involving water, baking soda, sesame oil and […]Read More
  9. By SHANNON ,14 Mar 2019
  10. By Cat ,25 Mar 2019
    My gelato seed is just starting to show her sprout. I sprouted 6 diff strains and she was the longest to sprout this is my first time attempting to grow gelato will keep you updated as my grow progresses
    1. By EuTokia ,25 May 2020
      3 weeks into flower with my galatto i purchased as a clone, I veged her for quite a while and took over 30 clones off her, she clones wonderfully, and recovers quick, some clones rooted in 9 days, I will […]Read More
  11. By Pàul ,03 May 2019
    I grrew.Gelato og this year and can honestly say this strain is some of the stinkiest and most crystally weed ivè ever grown and ive been growing high quality pot for 35 years.
    1. By Pàul ,03 May 2019
      I grrew.Gelato og this year and can honestly say this strain is some of the stinkiest and most crystally weed ivè ever grown and ive been growing high quality outdoors organic pot for 35 years.. planted late as an Afterthought […]Read More
  12. By Kathy ,09 May 2019
    I'm growing Gelato stain in an indoor tent. We live on the gulf of Mexico and this stain had proven to be the best to grow in tropical weather conditions. I use a Hypertufa planter and Suoer concentrated soil on […]Read More
    1. By Drew ,29 Sep 2020
      I have an unknown pheno of gelato that looks and smells phenomenal, it is my first time on growing this strain and don't know what to expect on bloom density. What kind of density on the flowers have others experienced […]Read More
  13. By Nathan ,12 Jun 2019
    I am actually growing one Rn. It just sprouted a few days ago. Contact me on instagram @nathan.shuford
  14. By mountain man ,22 Jul 2019
    Started 14 Gelato 4-7-19. One gallon pots, 6500K T8 fluorescents. Topped twice, switched to bloom at 6 weeks. Put 2 each in 18 gallon rectangle planter boxes, mix of half loamy topsoil, 1/4 composted horse stall manure, and 1/4 leaf […]Read More
  15. By Charles rafferty ,01 Aug 2019
    I'm growing gelato clones. 2 weeks into flower. I have pics. Outdoor organic grow
  16. By Vanessa ,02 Aug 2019
    What nutrients or fertilizers does the gelato strain do best with?
    1. By Stacy ILGM ,05 Aug 2019
      Hey Vanessa, Check out Bergman's All Fertilizers sets. This set contains everything you need from seedling to flowering for your Gelato plants!
  17. By Charles ,06 Aug 2019
    A great strain overall. Very aromatic with a flavor to match. Dark vibrant leaves and lime green to emerald green buds depending on nutrients. High Potency although in my experience a slightly lower Yield than many other strains. I belive […]Read More
  18. By Emilia ,22 Sep 2019
    I am currently harvesting Gelato as well as a cross owith Wedding Cake. I grow greenhouse some potted some in the ground. The buds are beautiful and aromatic. Drying now. I will keep you posted
  19. By Anna ,08 Oct 2019
    I live in the Sacramento Valley. Outdoor grow; 100+summer days;first time Growing this strain; more smell than i thought and grown in 15 Gallon pots. Five feet tall. Yield anticipated at 6 ounces.
  20. By Jason ,08 Oct 2019
    Just about to harvest some blue gelato 41, it has a nice plant structure and the buds are very big and covered with a lot of trichomes. Looking forward to trying this.
  21. By Albert ,09 Oct 2019
    I have grown Gelato#45 , for tge first time and it has turned out amazing I will look for this strain next year
  22. By Julie ,24 Jan 2020
    Can you possibly tell me If this strain likes to be heavily fertilized or lighter on the fertilizer???
    1. By Julie ,24 Jan 2020
      Im asking about the Gelato Strains
  23. By Bill ,13 Feb 2020
    First time growing, outdoors, yielded 27 oz. Planted in my vegetable garden with tomatoes and basil. Fed worm castings, Cured for 2 months, everyone loves the Smell, taste and high. only issue i had was caterpillars which i treated with […]Read More
    1. By Kiki ,28 Sep 2020
      Caterpillars were a problem for me when flowering I use a Cali cleaner to help keep the bugs off all natural homemade out of habenaro the hottest pepper when making it never make inside always use gloves when cutting the […]Read More
  24. By William ,22 Apr 2020
    I have 4 beauties only in their 2nd week of life(Gelato). Pretty excited..I am kind of nervous bc one is getting some brown burnt looking spots on it but none of the others do. Maybe it's to much direct sunlight […]Read More
  25. By TheKushFarmer ,04 May 2020
    Just got some decent size clones of this and put them outside today. I’ll let you know how they go.
  26. By Stefano ,20 Jun 2020
    First time growing for me looks fine but maybe you should see. Now is 6 weeks can I show you?
  27. By Robert ,09 Jul 2020
    Growing strain indoors inside tent in less than optimal environmental conditions. Unforeseen issues led to have to set up the tent in the attic of our house which is not as well HVAC as one would like. Started grow at […]Read More
  28. By josh ,18 Aug 2020
    Im growing gelato clones outdoors and everything here is pretty accurate im in Michigan so its always humid my buddy grows his indoors and his takes more of a beating but man they do smell very sweet by far my […]Read More
  29. By Kevin ,20 Sep 2020
    I have a couple of Gelato’s going outdoors and I can confirm the dank smell along with an abundance of trichomes. It’s been atypically cold overnight here lately and my girls are well into turning purple!. I’m harvesting in about […]Read More
    1. By Kiki ,28 Sep 2020
      How can you tell when your gelato plant is ready to harvest
      1. By Kevin ,03 Oct 2020
        The only true way to tell is to look at the trichomes under at least 15 power magnification. Even then you have choices about what you want the final effects to be. Milky trichomes accentuate the head high and amber […]Read More
  30. By Kiki Bonds ,28 Sep 2020
    My first time growing gelato outdoor from a seed. She is beyond huge a monster took off growing so tall over my fence 9 feet tall. Now I’m watching it flowing in late September the buds are so nice smell […]Read More
  31. By Shane ,02 Oct 2020
    I did grow gelato feminized from crop king. My plants are 11 ft tall and producing arm sized buds. So happy with the strain. Taste amazing.
  32. By Dustin ,25 Mar 2021
    Hey ILgm ! You guys have been a huge help for me on my growing journey. Thanks so much for all of your literature on the site . I’m currently on day 76 of flower and my gelato is still […]Read More

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