Robert Bergman

April 9, 2019

Purple Urkle is a famed Nor. Cal. strain, whose history is shrouded in mystery. However, there is zero doubt about how amazingly potent and enjoyable this particular strain is. It is known to cure many minor and major ailments, and truly deserves its reputation for being a power-tranquilizer.

This fragrant California hybrid has a well disputed and notoriously complicated history. Purple Urkle’s parentage can be traced back to Mendo Purps, stemming from the famous Emerald triangle region in the north of California.

Purple Urkle surfaced on the scene in the 1980’s, straight from the West Coast, and instantly loved by many indica-lovers. Its berry-like flavored bud has been noted as a fairly powerful smoke, which is why it is so popular among the connoisseurs and veterans – if you are a fan of this sweet flower, chances are, you know exactly what you like.

Information about Purple Urkle Strain:

ORIGIN Mendocino Purps
EFFECTS relaxed – 10
sleepy – 8
happy – 6
euphoric – 5
hungry – 3
dry eyes – 8
dizzy – 3
paranoid – 2
headache – 1
FRAGRANCE earthy, fruity, grape, skunky, sweet
FLAVORS berry, blueberry, earthy, grape, skunk, sweet
MEDICAL insomnia – 10
stress – 9
pain – 8
depression – 6
headaches – 4
THC CONTENT % 18%-21%
CBD % 0.10%
INDICA / SATIVA % 50% / 50%
OUTDOOR YIELD 9oz/ plant
CLIMATE best in a warm and sunny outdoor climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE relatively resistant to common molds and pests

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


This happy hybrid wears many hats. Purple Urkle quite possibly has inherited the best of both worlds, with the indica side of things possibly dominating most of the time. This mellow giant is great at unwinding every bit of you after a long a crazy day of being busy.

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If you struggle with figuring out how to calm your mind after enduring stressful times, especially after a bustling day at work, then this strain is what you are looking for. Purple Urkle will make you forget all your worries, and instead replace them with all the happy thoughts in the world.

Purple Urkle
Is The Sweet Smelling & Tasting Sensation

Purple Urkle will make you feel a tingly euphoria, and all you will wanna do is kick off your shoes and melt into the couch. The strong cerebral high of this indica is calming and restoring, and will invite you to collect everything that is edible in your vicinity, so you can consume it full force, and with much gusto.


Purple Urkle is an exceptional strain. This buds scent alone will leave you in a calming buzz of anticipation, knowing what’s to await you. This flower will fill the air with notes of grape, and and earthy-grape sweetness, that is distinct to this variety.


This strain is deliciously sweet tasting, and will remind you of a mouthful of grape soda. Purple Urkle boasts of uniquely lush flavors, with a variety of fruity undertones. The smoke will make you think of berries that you have freshly picked. This is a very skunky strain, something that becomes obvious immediately, and not just in its flavor.

Adverse reactions

Purple Urkle can induce a very strong body high, so if you aren’t looking to be stuck in your seat for a while, it might be best to take it easy on this one. Sometimes, you may experience a slight headache from smoking too much of this bud.

Purple Urkle
Adverse Reaction Of Purple UrkleImage powered by s199.photobucket.com

Occasionally, you may feel a little dizziness, especially when consumed in high doses. In rare cases, this may turn into a mild feeling of paranoia. The most common side effect of this hybrid is a feeling of dehydration, resulting in a case of cottonmouth, which may also be accompanied with dry eyes.


Many patients love this strain for its specific medical talents. Purple Urkle can help aid the relief of many ailments. Insomniacs love this strain for its ability to induce a calm, restful night of sleep, easing even the most difficult cases of sleeplessness.

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Stress is widely treated with this strain because it is so good at calming both the mind and the body. Doctors like to prescribe Purple Urkle to patients who struggle with mood disorders too – this hybrid is very good and eliminating any negative thoughts, making life much easier to navigate for those who struggle with depression and anxiety.

A number of pain conditions have also become easier to manager with the help of this medical cannabis strain. Purple Urkle is very good at reducing pain that patients may experience from muscle spasms, joint problems and even migraines and headaches.


Purple Urkle is recommended for more experience growers, although it isn’t very hard to learn how to cultivate this plant. Much attention must be paid to the amount of nutrients this plant should consume, and it should be noted that this strain yields higher when cultivated indoors rather than outdoors.

The Purple Urkle Growing
The Purple Urkle Growing

Flowering Time

Purple Urkle grown indoors can be expected to yield an average of around 18 ounces per square meter. This plant usually takes around 8 to 9 weeks to flower and be ready for a harvest.

When raised outdoors, this strain prefers a warm and sunny environment it can thrive in. Purple Urkle may take a little longer to grow outdoors, and can be expected to be ready for harvest around the middle of October. This hybrid can be expected to yield around 9 ounces of bud per plant.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Purple Urkle? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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    1. By Roy ILGM

      ,21 Feb 2017
      Unfortunately we don't have these at the moment. We do have these purple beauties :D
    2. By jared

      ,21 Jul 2017
      Unfortulatly this strain is a clone only, there is no seeds, I just picked up a cut of purple urkle for my lower spine spasams, and for my sleep as well.
  1. By caleb

    ,27 Jan 2018
    I just bought a clone of this purple urkle, it is sensitive to nutrients as stated. A lot of strains just can only take so much I am flowering puple urkle now and have my cuts as well. I use […]Read More
  2. By Ryan

    ,19 May 2019
    My favorite strain of all time.i haven't smoked any scince early 2000's I would love to grow some, but can't find any in North Cali.
  3. By Ryan chard

    ,20 May 2019
    Wow, I didn't even think purple erkle was still around. Hands down best tasting bud I have ever smoked. There used to b a strain named " the gunk", a close 2nd.
  4. By Eldon

    ,07 Jun 2019
    There was a lady in Big Sur named Dolores and she had eye strain she developed Call Thai Deloris a cross of skunk from the monk an a exotic thai strain that was 12-15 ft tall an was a 5 […]Read More

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