Diamond OG Kush Strain

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Diamond OG Kush is a fragrant and effective full-body strain that will glue you to your couch if you don’t watch out.

This supreme being of a strain is known in the medical scene for being exceptionally useful, and is therefore frequented by many patients, even those who use it for their symptoms of autism.

Diamond OG Kush is one special strain that truly embodies what it is that patients look for in a miraculous healer.

This hybrid is both potent and balanced at the same time, for which we can thank its parent strain, OG Kush – among all the useful hybrids out there, this one can only be referred to as an absolute winner.

This balanced hybrid leans heavily on its indica properties and creates a general state of relaxation that is hard to compare to other strains.

Diamond OG Kush was created by crossing OG Kush with an unknown and mysterious strain, truly creating what is now known to everyone as a real gem of a hybrid.

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Diamond OG Kush weed strain attributes:
EFFECTSrelaxed – 10
sleepy – 9
happy – 8
euphoric – 8
uplifted – 5
dry eyes – 3
dizzy- 2
paranoid – 1
headache – 1
FRAGRANCEcitrus, pine, skunky
FLAVORSpine, earthy, woody, sweet
MEDICALpain – 10
stress – 8
insomnia – 7
lack of appetite – 5
depression – 4
CBD %1%
INDICA / SATIVA %50% / 50%
OUTDOOR YIELD16oz/ plant
CLIMATEwarm and dry outdoor climate away from the danger of frost
RESISTANCE TO DISEASEresistant to common molds and mildew

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Diamond OG Kush is all about achieving the illustrious full body high that most OG-derived hybrids are known and loved for.

This rare gem of a pure high will make you feel relaxed and calm from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, with effects lasting for hours.

Other effects this strain is known for is that it can make you sleepy extremely quicky, especially when you smoke more than your usual amount.

Diamond OG Kush is loved by many individuals who have a very busy lifestyle, as it can help reset your stress by knocking you into a night of restful sleep.

Diamond OG Kush will induce a steady stream of happy feelings that will make you feel euphoric and elated at times.

A general feeling of being uplifted will persist when smoking this plant, as it is a foolproof way of bettering your otherwise unenthusiastic mood.


Diamond OG Kush is a sticky phenotype that even smells sticky as soon as you come across it.

Its sour citrus aroma adds to its already fragrant personality, with a strong skunkiness instantly filling the room with its scent. A fresh pine can also be detected in this strain, like it is freshly picked.


Diamond OG Kush has frosty buds that carry its flavors well, with a sweet pine dominating the palate completely.

Shocks of woody and earthy can be detected in its taste, with a hint of sweetness rounding off its interesting mix of fresh flavors.

Adverse Reaction

Diamond OG Kush has some side effects that can be attributed to its potency.

This strain will make your mouth feel dry and your throat itchy, with dry and itchy eyes also occurring almost every time you smoke this beautiful bud.

Some users may complain about a slight dizziness when smoking this hybrid, and in some cases this may even worsen and manifest into a mild bout of paranoia.

Diamond OG Kush can also leave you with a temporary headache, although this is more prevalent when you are prone to it.


Diamond OG Kush is a very useful medical strain, and is thought of as being effective even for ailments such as seizures and autism, greatly improving the lives of many patients.

This strain is also known for being useful in managing pain, making it easier to control back aches, head aches and muscle spasms.

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This hybrid is popular among patients with busier schedules, who tend to take their work home at times.

Diamond OG Kush is an ideal way to de-stress the mind and the body and let go of anything and everything that may be polluting you with heaviness after a long day at work.

Diamond OG Kush can make you very sleepy in heavy doses, and is therefore recommended to anyone who may have a hard time getting a full night of sleep.

This strain may also help cancer patients increase their appetite, as well as curb their often unmanageable depression.

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Diamond OG Kush is surprisingly easy to grow, as long as she gets the nutrition and sunshine she craves for.

This strain grows into a tall plant and might need some support as it flowers, as the buds can grow quite heavy for its stems.

Flowering Time


Diamond OG Kush grown indoors can be expected to yield around 18 ounces of bud per square meter planted. This strain should take around 9 to 10 weeks to grow and flower and be ready for a harvest.


This strain grown outdoors can yield around an estimated 16 ounces per plant. Diamond OG Kush can flower throughout the late summer and be re ready for a harvest around the middle of October.


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FAQ About Diamond OG Kush Strain

What is the Diamond OG Kush strain yield?

Diamond OG Kush yields 18oz / m2 indoors and 16oz / plant outdoors.

How much THC does Diamond OG Kush have?

Around 17% THC.

What are the origins of the Diamond OG Kush strain?

Diamond OG Kush was first bred by crossing OG Kush with an unknown strain.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Diamond OG Kush? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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  1. I have 77 diamonds outside in light dep..6 weeks and wow on frost and the plant needs help standing…