Tangerine Dream Strain

Tangerine Dream is a potent medical strain that smells like a basket of fresh and fragrant oranges. This suitably named hybrid has uplifting talents that will ensure you a good time, allowing you to kick back on a lazy afternoon, and soak in the good and positive vibrations.

A special strain for many reasons, Tangerine Dream comes from a lineage of outstanding parent strains. This citrus burst was created by Barney’s Farm Seeds by crossing G13, Afghan and Neville’s Haze, resulting in a wildly fragrant and enjoyable smoking experience.

Tangerine Dream has won several accolades and is recognized by doctors for its medicinal purposes, turning it into a favorite among those in the medical cannabis community. This hybrid has a soothing and energizing presence, that will light you up in the most literal sense, making you feel sudden bursts of happiness.

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    Information about Tangerine Dream:

    ORIGING13, Afghani mixed with Neville’s Haze
    EFFECTShappy – 10
    uplifted – 9
    relaxed – 9
    euphoric – 9
    energetic – 7
    dry eyes – 4
    dizzy – 3
    anxious – 2
    paranoid – 1
    FRAGRANCEcitrus, sweet, dank, pungent, berry
    FLAVORScitrus, orange, sweet, sugary, tropical, berryt
    MEDICALstress – 10
    pain – 8
    depression – 7
    fatigue – 4
    inflammation – 4
    THC CONTENT %25%
    CBD %0.10%
    INDICA / SATIVA %50% / 50%
    INDOOR YIELD18oz/ m2
    OUTDOOR YIELD16oz/ plant
    CLIMATEhot and dry outdoor climate
    RESISTANCE TO DISEASEhigh resistance

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    Tangerine Dream is a three-way hybrid that has inherited only the best traits from its parentage. This smoke comes in with an immediate head rush, and will instantly invigorate you, making your senses tingle with excitement. It is a happiness-inducing strain, that is sure to make you smile uncontrollably.

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    The high from this hybrid is all about feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside. Tangerine dream can invoke a feeling for being inspired and uplifted, often adjusting to your own needs. Whether you are looking to feel calm and relaxed, or be active, this strain can do just that for you because of its perfect sativa/indica balance.

    Tangerine Dream Effects
    Tangerine Dream Effects – Image powered by Marijuanaseedstrainreview.com

    Tangerine Dream is truly like a dream in a sense – this strain will make you feel elated and euphoric, with a rush of happy emotions that will make you giggle. This hybrid can also provide you with energy as it will wake up your senses and inspire you to become productive in whatever way you choose.


    Tangerine Dream has earned its name, as there couldn’t possibly be a better one for it out there. This strain has an aroma that will hit you instantly. It boasts of hints of berry and shocks of citrus, and is both dank and pungent, and makes this bud easily recognizable among veteran smokers


    This plant also has a very distinct flavor, and its aroma is a strong indicator of the beautiful flavors you will soon enjoy. Tangerine Dream has a smoke that will instantly fill your mouth with a sensational blend of orange, berry and other sweet and sugary tropical fruits.

    Adverse Reaction

    Tropical Dream has a few minor side effects that may occur when you consume more than you can handle, as this plant carries a 25% THC content on average. The usual dry mouth and dry and itchy eyes does occur when smoking this strain and it may make you feel like you are dehydrated.

    Other, less common adverse effects may be slight dizzy spells, as well as mild bouts of anxiety. Tangerine Dream can also, although very rarely, make you feel slightly paranoid, especially if you are not accustomed to the strength of this particular strain.


    Tangerine Dream is a true source of relief for many chronic stress sufferers, and can induce a state of focus, without the nervousness and agitation. This strain can help eliminate feelings of restlessness, calming the mind and allowing the body to follow into a state of relaxation.

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    This hybrid can keep you alert, while eliminating other ailments, especially chronic pain. Tangerine Dream is perfect for the treatment of muscle spasms, joint aches and back pain, because of its ability to loosen up tensed up muscles and a tired and stressed out mind too.

    Tangerine Dream Medical
    Tangerine Dream Medical – Image powered by Thcfinder.com

    Tangerine Dream is also a favorite among those who suffer from mood disorders. Patients who struggle with depression and anxiety can find relief in this particular strain, as it is not only invigorating in its smell and flavor, but also in its uplifting effects. Those who need help with inflammation problems may also seek relief from this talented strain.

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      Tangerine Dream is an environmentally flexible strain that can be grown indoors and outdoors, as long as it can receive a warm and humid place to thrive in. This medium sized plant is easy even for amateur growers to cultivate, and can reap a very hearty and generous yield during its harvest.

      Tangerine Dream Growing
      Tangerine Dream Growing

      Flowering Time


      This strain takes around 9 to 10 weeks to flower indoors and become ready for a full harvest. Tangerine Dream can be expected to yield an estimated average of around 18 ounces of fresh and fragrant bud.


      Tangerine Dream grown outdoors can be expected to be ready for harvest around late October. This hybrid can yield around an average of about 16 ounces of bud per plant.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Tangerine Dream? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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        9 comments on “Tangerine Dream Strain”

        1. a great plant to grow , very bushy keep up on the trimming. buds are fat and hard glistening . .Dr earth used for nutrients . topped , defoliation ans tied back to create an awesome manifold . Smoke is awesome before, during and after cure . def would grow again . Indoor grow here

        2. Why is October a harvest month? How could that be of you don’t know my planting date? Also do I cut the entire plant during harvest? What about the ones that don’t appear as ready as some of the plant? Do I cut some and wait for the others?

        3. I am growing tangerine dream from guaranteed clones for the first time outdoors they have grown to 7’ tall with several heads – it is now August 2 2020 and are flowering nicely – can’t wait for my first harvest

        4. Yes i do a td grow every year they love the aussie heat n produce really well as all barneys farm seeds do

        5. Hi Stan, we’re always working on adding new strains to our shop. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to add this one yet but we’re working on it.

        6. I want to buy some seeds, but the store does not list them. Whats up? (Previous purchaser)