Vanilla Kush Strain

This indica-dominant hybrid is a Holland-born flower, thoroughly impressing users with its delicious aroma and calming and yet stimulating effects.

Vanilla Kush is known for being very effective at managing pain, but is also an enjoyable recreational strain to be enjoyed by many indica lovers.

Vanilla Kush is a strain that was created by Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam, and is a fragrant floral plant that bagged the second prize at the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup.

This hybrid is a strong indica that provides a smoking experience that is highlighted by its special flavor and aroma.

This strain’s exact genetics are a bit of a mystery, however, it is said that it was made by crossing and Afghani and a South Asian indica.

Vanilla Kush has a buzzing, narcotic-like effect and reaches THC levels that can clock in at around 22%, making it a strong cerebral smoking experience.

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Vanilla Kush weed strain attributes:
ORIGINAfghan indica and South Asian indica
EFFECTSrelaxed – 10
happy – 7
euphoric – 7
sleepy – 7
uplifted – 4
dry eyes – 7
dizzy – 6
paranoid – 2
anxious – 1
FRAGRANCEcitrus, floral, lavender, sweet
FLAVORSvanilla, sweet, lavender, spicy, herbal, creamy
MEDICALdepression – 10
pain – 9
insomnia – 8
lack of appetite – 5
depression – 5
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORSlate September to early October
THC CONTENT %19%-20%
CBD %1%
INDICA / SATIVA %70% / 30%
OUTDOOR YIELD21oz/ plant
CLIMATEwarm and dry outdoor climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASEresistant to common molds and mildew

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Vanilla Kush produces a long-lasting sedative effect, and truly lets its indica features speak for itself. Smoking this delicious strain may result in a couch lock experience, especially when you consume it in higher doses. It is invigorating and heavy and will feel a bit like a warm blanket hug.

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This strain is a sweet-smelling and mostly indica plant, with an excellent body buzz. Vanilla Kush is perfect as an end of the day choice, as it can fully relax you from a long and intense day of being busy at work. This smoke can easily unwind you and put you in a more relaxed state.

Vanilla Kush is a happy strain, and will make you feel euphoric right away, encouraging smiles and laughter even in your most tired mood. This strain can make you feel sleepy in higher doses, but it will keep you feeling uplifted until you fall into a restful and comfortable sleep.

Vanilla Kush Effects
Vanilla Kush Effects


Vanilla Kush contains strong aromas of citrus and floral, with shocks of fresh and potent vanilla, making the entire experience feel like a beautiful vacation. This mostly indica hybrid smells like a lavender flower mixed with a sweet and enticing note that will fill the room with all its aromas.


Vanilla Kush has a long list of all the best sweet flavors you could possibly imagine in a smoke. This indica strain tastes like sweet lavender and is creamy on the inhale. On the exhale it turns into a more spicy and herbal aftertaste, with a pungent taste of sweet vanilla, sticking to the inside of your mouth.

Adverse Reaction

This indica strain has some side effects that may occur when smoking this potent variant. Smoking Vanilla Kush may leave you with a dry mouth and dry and itchy eyes, but also with the feeling of being slightly dehydrated and parched, craving for water.

Vanilla Kush is a potent strain so it also may make you feel dizzy, especially if you’ve had it in higher doses. This mostly indica strain can also induce a mild feeling of paranoia in some users, often accompanied by a general feeling of mild anxiety and nervousness.

Vanilla Kush Growing
Vanilla Kush Adverse Reaction


This strain is a very popular medical strain, not only because of its aroma, but also because of its soothing and healing effects. Vanilla Kush is an ideal choice in managing a number of mental health issues, and is most effective when used to alleviate depression and its symptoms.

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Vanilla Kush has proven itself to be useful in a number of other ailments, and continues to grow as a favorite for many long-suffering clients. This strain is an ideal choice for managing pain as it can simultaneously soothe aches and calm the mind, adding to its effectivity.

Vanilla Kush is also useful to patients who have a hard time finding sleep and suffer from insomnia, as this smoke can make you sleepy in higher doses. Cancer patients may increase their appetite with the help of this strain and patients who suffer from chronic stress can find much relief from this strain.

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Vanilla Kush is an easy flower to cultivate and is therefore a good choice for novice growers to polish their skills on. This indica dominant plant like a warm and dry outdoor climate in which it can flourish in, and is uniquely low-maintenance while also being a high-yielding plant.

Vanilla Kush Medical
Vanilla Kush Growing

Flowering Time


Vanilla Kush grown indoors can yield an average of about 16 ounces of good bud during harvest. It can be expected to flower and bloom within an average of about 8 to 9 weeks before it is ready for a generous harvest.


Vanilla Kush grown outdoors can yield an average of about 21 ounces of fresh bud during harvest. This plant grows throughout the late summer and can be expected to be ready for a harvest around late September to early October.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Vanilla Kush? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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