Robert Bergman

March 5, 2019

People have been doing all sorts of studies on marijuana for years now. They are intrigued by the effects it has on each individual and one of those is the withdrawal. A recent study has proven that with four hundred and ninety six adults who smoke marijuana and tried to quit found that ninety five percent of those experienced one withdrawal symptom. Forty three percent had more than one withdrawal symptom. The reason that the percentage is like this is because of how much and how long each individual smoked the substance. The people who smoked the weed on a daily basis had more than one marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

There are several common symptoms that are associated with weed withdrawal one of them being the craving for the substance. A study was done and seventy five percent of all the participants that were trying to quit smoking marijuana were reported having an intense craving for the substance. It is like a powerful desire to need more. The second most common was people having mood swings. Mood swings will vary among different things like anger, depression and euphoria. Anger and irritability are the most common symptoms and that is because of a person who is quitting the substance by being forced.

Over half of the individuals who try to quit smoking marijuana on their own have reported the mood swings also leading to anxiety. The other reports show nervousness, aggression and restlessness. Some people have even been known to have loss of concentration. All of these symptoms will typically vanish after about two or three weeks but studies have shown that sometimes they linger for around three months. Sleep disruption is another symptom that marijuana users have complained about. Although this is kind of common because insomnia also affects people who are using alcohol and prescription drugs, this could last for several days or up to a couple of weeks.

Studies also show that even when a person is able to sleep after they have quit smoking marijuana that they are woken up by having vivid dreams and nightmares. It will normally stop after a couple of weeks it all will vary on each person. Some people have reported having user dreams in which they dream they are smoking marijuana. All of these eventually interrupt the sleeping pattern and keeps people awake. In due time it will pass and people will be able to get their sleeping back on track once again.

Having headaches is another marijuana withdrawal symptom. These are not just regular headaches people have been complaining of extreme headaches like a migraine. It will pass in a few days but depending on how much you smoked marijuana it could last a little longer. The intense headache isn’t always a one of the common marijuana withdrawal symptoms but they have been proven to exits. As researchers continue their studies they find that other withdrawals are things like weight loss, appetite changing, nausea or cramps after they eat, weight gain, digestion problems and some people have even loss their sense of humor. If you would like to read more information on the marijuana withdrawal symptoms then you should click here.

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  1. By Sean

    ,30 Apr 2017
    In my opinion, the addition of Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome to the DSM is without merit. The symptoms that are arbitrarily assigned to the syndrome are so general as to describe many people and their desire for things. This is akin […]Read More

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